Hello Everyone.
We are looking for a Chromebook monitoring platform.  What are you using?

We have used Omnito in the past and while we liked their set-up it was not working more often than it was working and it would sometimes take support weeks to respond to an issue.  So out of sheer frustration, we decided to cancel their service.  

Towards the end of last year, we piloted Netop Vision. While their support was much more responsive the platform required students to click an "accept" button everytime the teacher want to monitor their activity.  Teachers complained it wasn't very accurate.  There were a lot more troubleshooting issues.  

We are basically looking for a platform that will allow teachers to see what Ss are doing in real-time, to be able to freeze their screens, and to send little chat messages to them.  

Erica Zimmer
Innovation Coach
ELL Teacher
Greater Rutland County Supervisory Union

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