Interesting that these teens used chalk to scrawl 
swastikas AND racist anti-Black comments, and 
that they turned themselves in! I wonder what the swastika signifies to them?

Years ago -- mid-1980s -- I went to a punk 
concert at the Ritz (remember that?). Some young 
toughs were sitting near the entrance wearing 
swastikas. I was enraged, but my Red Balloon 
Collective comrade Nicos, from Cyprus, went over 
to them and just talked with them explaining the 
history of that symbol and what it meant. Well, 
those kids ripped off their swastika patches and 
spread the info to their friends!

Great lesson there. Don't assume that everyone 
means harm by certain symbols. They likely are 
not aware of the history, and only see it as 
"rebellion". Symbols from one generation get 
recycled for new meanings, though they continue 
to weigh like a nightmare on the brains of the living.

Take the time to talk to people one-on-one!

Mitchel Cohen
5, 2018 / 
<>Brooklyn news / 
<>Brooklyn Heights

Teens turn themselves in for scrawling swastikas in Bklyn Heights

By Julianne Cuba

Two teens on Monday turned themselves in for 
scrawling swastikas and writing a racist slur on 
the exterior of several Brooklyn Heights buildings last week.

Cops on Saturday circulated photos of the 
suspects, an 18-year-old from Ditmas Park and a 
17-year-old from Red Hook, who on Oct. 30 
allegedly used chalk to draw the symbol the Nazis 
turned into an icon of hate on four Garden Place 
buildings between Joralemon and State streets, 
and spell out the foul term n----- on the stoop 
of a fifth building down the block.

The acts of vandalism occurred roughly a half-day 
before youngsters paraded through the 
neighborhood to trick or treat on Halloween, and 
just days after a gunman killed 11 people inside a Pittsburgh synagogue.

The two teens walked into the 77th and 78th 
Precinct station houses some time after midnight, 
and cops then cuffed each before issuing 
hate-crime charges to both, according to Police 
Department spokesman Det. Ahmed Nasser.

The suspects had yet to be arraigned as of Monday 
evening, according to a rep for the district attorney’s office.

Their arrest came days after cops on Friday 
26-year-old Bedford-Stuyvesant resident on 
hate-crime charges, after he allegedly defiled a 
Prospect Heights temple by writing anti-Semitic 
statements inside it on Thursday, and set fires 
at multiple Williamsburg Jewish centers the next day.
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