A couple of small groups, 3 or 4 individuals, have been seen and heard here
in So. Washington over the weekend. Always a pleasure to see and hear them
high in the balsams and hardwoods. Also, two brown creepers.

Currently, there is a turkey with an injured wing staying around the house
here. One night is roosted on the porch snuggled against the wood pile.
Yesterday, it spent the entire time in the lower branches of an old apple
tree. Today, she managed to come down and eat some of the spilled seed from
the feeders. Her right wing hangs rather loosely most of the time, but she
does extend both wings. It's going to be either a tough or a short winter
for her, I'm afraid.

My cousin, by the way, in Ellsworth, ME, has a turkey with only one good
foot. He usually brings up the rear of the flock or sometimes appears
alone. He made it through last winter. Maybe he will do so again.

Charlie La Rosa
So. Washington

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." — Arthur Ashe