OK, I will admit that there are times that I have problems identifying little purple flashes and I need my binoculars to distinguish between House Finches and Purple Finches.  Because of the snow I was the birds were spending a fair amount of time on the feeders and I was able to identify 2 purple finches.  The other highlights of the day were found in the trees and brush behind my house.  I got a full head an view as well as a profile of a redpoll.  Only one was observed in an hour of watching.  I also observed my first, and possibly only, fox sparrow.

The one bird that has not been around the feeder and I don't miss is a starling.    I have a neighbour that puts out corn and the starlings seem to hang out at his house.  I assumed that this one was part of that group of birds.  I hope that I don't see any more this year.



West Arlington