Been away for awhile. But now I'm back with questions.

It's late in the day and I am still noodling around with two searches.

Any suggestions for search terms would be appreciated.

My patron wants a) information on the best distance from a bone marrow transplant facility to improve outcomes for transplant patients e.g. the patient should live 30 minutes from the facility and b) information on the effect of bone marrow transplant patients living with children under 18.  

I can find plenty of information on the parent's psychology when the child is the transplant patient but not when the parent is the patient.  And I cannot think of good terms of any kind for the distance search.

For search A, I am drawing a blank and have tried:  ("Bone Marrow Transplantation"[MAJR]) AND "Health Services Accessibility"[MAJR]. 

For search B, I am trying ("Family"[MAJR]) AND "Bone Marrow Transplantation"[MAJR])

My vacation starts in just one more day.  I was THIS close to clean break.......  

Thanks for any takers up of my question. Everyone have a good holiday in any case.


Jannette Bradley

Technology/Reference Librarian

Medical Center Library

Oak Lawn, IL 60453