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The citation is an abstract. It may mean the full article is not yet published. Just a guess.

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Subject: CHAT: What does PIP mean?

I came across this in PubMed today; I've never seen it before: PIP. It's shows as a subheading for the abstract. I immediately googled it, only to find out that many many people have also asked this, to no real answer(?). See my copy/paste below the abstract excerpt. I anonymized the Q & A in some vague impulse to maintain privacy, but still get content shared. Then I input PIP into the Getting Started portion of NCBI. Those results show how many times the "word/term" PIP shows in NCBI, but does not define this term. Is there a key somewhere in PubMed that tells what these acronyms mean? I hope when this posts to the ListServ it is comprehensible. I'm sure PIP stands for something very obvious, but in the context in which I found it, it has nothing to do with gene sequencing...  Thanks in advance.

Curr Popul Rep Popul Charact 1983 Nov:1-63.
Fertility of American women: June 1983. Rogers, CC
This report examines current fertility patterns, delayed childbearing and birth expectations, supplemented by detailed tables and charts. The birth expectations and fertility data are based on the June 1983 supplement to the Current Population Survey (CPS) which obtained information from women about their childbearing to date as well as their anticipated childbearing. Among women who had a child in the year preceding the 1983 survey, 43% were in the labor force.....

PubMed abstracts: what does PIP stand for in PubMed abstracts?
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I'm not aware of any bibliographic meaning of the term. Looking in PubMed, the term appears to concern certain protein sequences. I think you will have to find out the technical meaning of the term.

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