Skip writes
>Carolyn is one of my very most favorite people in the skibiz. Her brothers Dave and Jeff aren't far behind, either.
They're definitely on the gregarious and usually energetic side, to be sure.  My sister in-law was a classmate and was/is a good friend of Carolyn's (with plenty of stories to share... or maybe not!  ;-) )  
For years Carolyn was one of my "personal pacesetters" in the reeb-leaques- I know I'm having a pretty bad night if she actually beats my time (which has happened) and a pretty good night if I've beat her times by more than 2 seconds.  She usually leaves David & Chris in the dust, but Jeff consistently beats them all on a race course.
I bumped into her skinning at dusk for a post season moonlight run with some of her kids a couple of years back- definitely a "real skier", by most measures.
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