It seems ski reports are a dying breed, a couple here and there, but hopefully more folks are skiing than not.  Since my kids have me as over the hill and antiquated, covering my clothes, ideas and forms of communication, why not post a picture-less email ski report, and fully leverage my internet presence.


Day one in southern Vt, well below the doogie line, could even be CT.  Snow at home and the early opening of lots of the VT resorts had me hoping it wasn’t one of those teases.  Late nite arrival, slightly earlier than hoped roll out of bed, had us on the lifts 20 or 30 minutes after opening.  First chair is a nice concept.  Fortunately lines were minimal, but half way up the lift decided on a 15 minute break.  Perfect. What a way to satiate the need to ski.  I hear a snowmobile start up from the top shack, and proceed downhill.  Shortly thereafter another snowmobile is heard coming from the bottom, different rider. This cant be good.


Lift starts again and we are off. Let’s try this first run thing again.  Give daughter, who is supposed to be learning some subject of lasting importance, the decision on which trail to take.  We are off, down a well  traveled trail with a nicely groomed fresh powder section, and an even better ungroomed section. Hmm 7-10” seemingly properly accounted for. Slightly marred Freshies on the first run of the season, in November? Huh.!  A quick thought and a turn to another open trail, and look at that untouched properly steep freshies.  Quick pinch, no I am awake.  Hmm this is pretty nice.  Progressed to several other trails with similar set ups, not bad, except for the one where they were blowing snow and created a crust on top of the otherwise nice powder.  Bad Ski Area!!


Hmm, they have a couple natural snow trails open.  No they are listed on the ski report, not just forgotten ropes.  Hmm even sweeter. Somehow bumps that could not form on the side of the half groomed slopes, were hanging out.  Untracked powder is special, makes you feel like you can fly,  but nice powder bumps are an exquisite delicacy, and make you feel like superman (or woman).  Then the sudden old guy thought, or is it dad thought, hey it’s the first day of the season, better take it easy, best not blow the proverbial wad on day one.  Ok, so lets call it a day, with out testing the woods.  Oh by the way, when I was younger, with that share house at killington, we always had a saying, “don’t bother with the woods till atleast thanksgiving”: eyeroll: yup I’m still dad, maybe time for a dad joke too.  Well atleast tomorrow is thanksgiving, I’m thinking woods, maybe touring gear and ditch the kiddo.  Oh wait, it is a family holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving and snow to you all.

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