What Skip said...and you might consider Andy's advice about strapping it to your belly. You'll ski fine that way, since I'm sure you are not flailing your arms about or ski with your elbows very far from your body, anyway.

I'm no orthopedist, or even an MD, but it's in that cast to keep it from moving AT ALL! Even skiing carefully, anyone could catch an edge and go down, and remembering in that moment to protect your wrist and not break your fall with it can be tough.

You might also consider telling your orthopod that you *are* going skiing and that she needs to make sure your cast will accommodate that. She could also likely suggest the best strategy for how to protect your wrist should you fall. Your doc works for you...they give you their best advice, and that advice is usually very conservative in order to maximize your chance of healing best. But when you make decisions about your care that they are not aware of, they can't adjust their advice accordingly. If you think that your doc might turf you as a patient if you don't follow their advice, get another doc!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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