Like Mickey Mouse’s birthday, no one is really sure when SkiVt-L was born. My email records only go back to 1992, but I know it’s older than that. For the past many years, based on the historical record (see ), I have been using November 1988 as the birth of SkiVt-l.

So you know what that means, right? SkiVt-l is 30 years old. Yipee! Maybe we should have a party.

Meanwhile, I’m twice as old, rapidly approaching year 61. I’ve got one artificial knee and Parkinson’s disease. Nonetheless, I’ve had a good couple of days this week, taking advantage of the epic November snows. I think the days (3 days a week since end of August) at the gym (B-Fit in Bristol, for you locals) might finally be paying off. Or maybe it’s the chiropractor. Or the snow. I dunno, but I like it. Yesterday I hit up one run down Cat Bowl/Beaver and another down Chute. I can’t remember when I last skied the Chute. Today it was two runs down Grand Canyon. Tomorrow,  have my eyes on slalom hill. Knees holding together. Parkinson’s be damned. End of February, I’m going solo to Winter Park for 8 days. I have high hopes.

Oh, yes, Mad River. Great place, y’all should visit it sometime. It’s celebrating 70 years. The skiing yesterday and today was superlative.  The regulars are starting to come out of the woodwork — Big George, Brian the Roofer, Spencer, Chris M, Patrollers Randy and TellyChicka. It ought to be a zoo Saturday, but a good one, like San Diego.  

See you there!

Wesley Alan Wright, Retired
UVM Academic Computing Services Legacy Applications Division
Starksboro, VT
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