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I'll flush tubes being prepped for DIC work in a glove bag (with He).† It does take time, especially sealing tubes inside a glove bag.† In that case, I didn't have to worry about carbonate dust in that case.

I've also hooked up a glass capillary to a tank and inserted into an open vial partially covered with a cap.† That work pretty good for N2.† If using He, I'd cap the tubes and use a 20 Ga needle.† The capillary would pass thru the 20 Ga needle inserted thru the cap.† When done, draw up capillary into the needle (do not pull capillary out of needle), then pull the needle out.† You too can be your own autosampler ;)

You'll need to work out the timings and flow rates (ca 50 to 100 mL/min) that work for you.† And since you're working with carbonates, you need to make sure you are not kicking up dust and cross contaminating samples.

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Hi all,

Iím hoping to get started with some backlogged carbonate samples. We have a MultiFlow to flush the vials, but to save time Iím thinking of flushing the vials in a glove bag. Has anyone tried this? And would argon work as a flush gas (I have a tank on hand)?




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