HI Greg,

here two recent papers we published


Fernandez, A., van Dijk, J., Müller, I. A., & Bernasconi, S. M. (2016). Siderite acid fractionation factors for sealed and open vessel digestions at 70 °C and 100 °C. Chemical Geology, 444, 180–186.


Van Dijk J., Fernandez, A., Müller, I.A., Lever M. and Bernasconi, S.M. (2018) Oxygen isotope fractionation in the siderite-water system between 8.5 and 62 °C. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 220, 535-551





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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Siderite Correction


Hi folks,


Just wondering if anyone is referencing a more recent paper than the one I'm using (Carothers, 1988) regarding O-18 correction on siderites-





Gregory Cane


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