I believe the tarnish on silver capsules in not an oxide but silver sulfide. 

Once upon a time I had some samples in the lab that had been sitting for a number of years and the silver was very tarnished. As a test, we removed the references and ran them along with some fresh ones in newly baked silver capsules. They were indistinguishable.  

With that said, I still like to bake silver capsules to ensure they are clean.


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> Jordon,
> The oxidation on silver capsules can be removed by heating in air at 375oC for one hour prior to use.
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> Hi everyone,
> In the wild days before it became a cost center, someone purchased many thousands of silver capsules for our TC/EA. Unfortunately, most have oxidized just in time for us to get our TC/EA up and running. Even some of the capsules that appear unoxidized are giving us blank issues.
> Has anyone tried to salvage oxidized silver capsules? I'm thinking of setting up something to stream hydrogen over a load of capsules while gently heating them, but perhaps there's another way? Preferably one that doesn't involve the phrase "just throw them out and buy more"?
> All input is much appreciated,
> Jordon
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