I believe the tarnish on silver capsules in not an oxide but silver sulfide. 

Once upon a time I had some samples in the lab that had been sitting for a number of years and the silver was very tarnished. As a test, we removed the references and ran them along with some fresh ones in newly baked silver capsules. They were indistinguishable.  

With that said, I still like to bake silver capsules to ensure they are clean.


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The oxidation on silver capsules can be removed by heating in air at 375oC for one hour prior to use.
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Hi everyone,

In the wild days before it became a cost center, someone purchased many thousands of silver capsules for our TC/EA. Unfortunately, most have oxidized just in time for us to get our TC/EA up and running. Even some of the capsules that appear unoxidized are giving us blank issues.

Has anyone tried to salvage oxidized silver capsules? I'm thinking of setting up something to stream hydrogen over a load of capsules while gently heating them, but perhaps there's another way? Preferably one that doesn't involve the phrase "just throw them out and buy more"?

All input is much appreciated,
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