Hey Folks,

I'm looking for suggestions. I'm searching for a browser-based source code
text editor to use with students in one of our summer STEM programs. We
will use this to teach basic HTML coding to create simple websites
showcasing each student's work from the week. Here are lists of some
must-have and nice-to-have features we are looking for.


   - Browser-based w/ no install required
   - Free (ideally) or reasonably low price
   - Syntax highlighting/assistance


   - Cloud-based file storage
   - Integrated FTP
   - Testing/previewing results, side-by-side or in a separate tab
   - Collaboration tools (ex: shared access, simultaneous editing, etc.)

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


*Nic Phillips*
*Program Coordinator*
Young Hacks Academy
c 802-793-7441