Good Morning,

I'm working with a few art teachers (K-8) to co-design a February art show where parents could see students art work in person (which will be a combination of 2D and 3D art) and access videos of student-artists' providing "artist statements." They would access those videos with their own smartphone or use an iPad loaner from the school for the exhibit if they don't have their own device. 

We could certainly do this with a QR code for each project, but I'm wondering if anyone has a more interesting idea that uses Augmented Reality.

Work flow will be important as we will at least have 270 students involved in this way and could potentially have all 750. I'll certainly have the help of the art department in working with the students, but I am taking the lead to figure out a few options.

I was looking at Ausmus, which is now called "HP Reveal," and thought I'd throw a line out and see if any of you have other ideas of what to investigate.

Many thanks,

Tim O'Leary
Digital Learning Leader 
Shelburne Community School
Champlain Valley School District (VT)

(802) 985-3331 Ext. 149 (office)
Twitter: @TimOLeary_VT


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