Up where we are, we honestly do it old school and keep most of our logs through spreadsheets, but a better long-term solution would be to switch to using an MDM solution like Meraki or KACE. The latter is a great service that was formerly owned by Dell and not only allows you to manage updates remotely, but to also check for security policies & general compliance for global settings. You can use it to push out updates, etc... Generally speaking it does rely on managing a centralized Active Directory database to help guide permissions and whatnot, but the overall deployment was something that made a big difference at my previous job down in Boston. We used it to manage resources that my company there had all across the nation and it made everything much, much clearer from a top-down perspective. We did do asset tags that were used to register and manage devices. I don't honestly know the pricetag for that service though, as I was not privy to that specific detail, but if you contact them you could probably get a reasonable quote pretty quick. I recall the reason we had moved to KACE was the dramatically lower price relative to Meraki.

Hope that helps!
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What program do you use to keep a comprehensive inventory of all things tech? Computing devices, Classroom tech, etc.? What do you pay for it? Do you also asset tag everything? Barcode?


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