I was in a classroom last week where I had the privilege of watching the difference that having an Ipad that could wireless send to the projector seamlessly had on student engagement and learning. 
They could actually see what the teacher was trying to demonstrate so easily.  
In this case there was another adult in the room who realized the kids were trying to see what the teacher was demonstrating and quickly grabbed her ipad and seamlessly sent it to the projector.
But I could easily see students  taking on the role also  if there was an Ipad available for visible learning.  And with so many classrooms today integrating flexible seating, the whole solution could be very mobile.
Ipad Stands come in in many form factors and can easily serve as a document camera. 

Added benefit would of course be having a mobile classroom device for capturing evidence of learning for portfolios.  Seems like its such a flexible multi-purpose solution. 
Here is a 15 second video of the scenario  below in action  https://photos.app.goo.gl/mQNzqGkpxFjCPfuw5


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What is your standard for classroom AV when it comes to projectors, "Smart" boards (interactivity with content), speakers, document cameras, etc.? What is a must have for each classroom? What brands do you use? What vendor has excelled in delivery, installation, and service? Thanks in advance!


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