If you are a #vted school  participating in #hourofcode this week, make sure to share.  Lots of great images and videos being shared over twitter with #vted and #hourofcode.  You'll notice the updates of those on the website. 

And thank you to Peter Drescher,  Charlie MacFayden and Sally  Bisaccio for adding to the #hourofcode VoiceThread Conversation.  Charlie challenged us to share which Hour of Code activities we did and a quick review of the activities so we can learn from each other.  Sally chimed right in with her ideas. 

By checking out the VoiceThread you will be able to see our newly implemented Closed Captioning at work.

Remember that you don't have to go through each slide of the VoiceThread, you can skip around by hitting the slide button at the bottom right hand corner 

And if  you're wondering what it would be like to share your participation via VoiceThread and don't have an #vted EDU Voicethread account, I've set up a temporary password for you to try.

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You can use the free version to comment, also - but the closed captioning won't show up for your comment. 
Closed captioning is a premium feature available through our Vermont consortitum accounts. 

So why not take this opportunity to add your voice to our #vted  Hour of Code VoiceThread

Keep on Coding - but more importantly Keep on Learning! 


Lucie deLaBruere

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