Whether you are working on your EdTech Endorsement or whether you want to
update your  current skills   these two  UVM classes starting in January
can provide you with 14 weeks of colleagueship as you explore these topics
with your peers.  And you can do it all from your Pajamas!   (Enroll by Dec

If  either of these is a class you are interested in, and you are working
on paperwork, please send Susan or I an email so we can let UVM know to
save you a spot.
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*EDCI 325 Coaching and Leading Technology Innovation in Schools (online)
(Instructor Lucie deLaBruere)*This online course targets teachers or tech
specialist interested in coaching and leading technology-rich innovation in
today’s schools. At the school and district level, you will plan and
implement technology-rich innovation strategies, and develop and
disseminate professional development in local, regional, and global
venues.  Explore the roles that teacher leaders and coaches inhabit, and
how these roles can energize other classroom teachers and build a community
of active participants in innovative, technology-rich programs. You will
also study the means to foster leadership around the planning and
development of goals for their school technology needs

*EDCI 324** Current Topics in Assessment and Technology (online)
(Instructor:  Susan Henessey)*
Explore current topics of assessment and technology for PreK-12 educators,
including many tenets of proficiency-based learning. Examine different
forms of assessment and methods for integrating technology into assessment
practice, as well as exploring and evaluating a variety of digital tools
for summative and formative assessment. Interact as an online community,
modeling how feedback and reflection play an integral part of the
assessment process and will also maintain a digital portfolio for the
class. As a final project, you will create a unit of study, incorporating
learning targets developed from the ISTE standards and other content
standards, integrating digital tools for assessment, and demonstrating
mastery of other course objectives. (SUMMER or SPRING)

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Lucie deLaBruere

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