I don't know the exact number this year, but historically the Burlington circle has about 60 participants and I believe it was about the same as previously. This number is exclusive of feeder counters. We did our count on Dec. 16, the same day as the Islands CBC, so our numbers are mutually exclusive of Terry's.

Bruce MacPherson

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The East Franklin County CBC (northernmost in the state) has 32 traveling
observers and four feeder watchers from ages preteen through 70-plus, all
of whom have committed to our January 5 count. Eight of us already have
participated or will be participating in multiple counts this year (four
for me, three for another person; I'm not sure about the other six folks,
but I think they're probably doing a lot). We also may pick up a few more
participants. (I'll be in touch with you, Bridget, about one whom you

Charlotte Bill
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> There’s a fair number of people that do multiple counts.  Interesting
> question.
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> > On Dec 23, 2018, at 08:46, Bridget Butler <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
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> > How many people do you think are volunteering for CBCs in VT?
> >
> > We've got 22 circles we could suppose 30 people per circle covering
> routes
> > which would be maybe 10 feeder-watchers per circle...which
> gets
> > us to 880.
> >
> > Good estimate?
> >
> > Bridget