I had big dreams when we kick off Vermont eBird, the first state portal,
way back in 2003. But this outcome blows those early dreams away! The bird
observations submitted by you and many others contribute to these exciting
new results. Introducing the eBird Status and Trends—detailed population
information for 107 species of North American birds, providing an
unprecedented depth of information in four key areas: abundance maps,
10-year population trend maps, habitat association charts, and range maps.
All brought to you by birders like you and data scientists at team eBird.
Check out the whole story on Vermont eBird, see some example maps (spoiler
alert: the Wood Thrush breeding season population trend map will make you
cry), and explore more results.

Read the whole story and explore more on Vermont eBird, a project of the
Vermont Atlas of Life, at

Let's keep the data rolling in Green Mountain birders! Per capita, we're
the best!

Thank you!



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