Four of us went to redeem our Warren Miller vouchers at Sugarbush Friday.

4-6" of fresh fluff. Just 2 lifts (Super Bravo and Heaven's Gate). Great
conditions. No crowds.

Skied well with 1 pole, though I stayed out of the trees and stuck to the
open slopes and concentrated on perfect form. No option to fall, so played
it very safe and had a blast. My friends did ski in the woods though and
found lovely powdershots. I was just happy to be out there on the mountain.

I had a badass moment on Ripcord. While stopped on the trail 2 friendly
retired guys asked what happened to my pole and I told them about my 2 week
old broken wrist. They said "you know this is a double black diamond you
are skiing"

I replied "yes it is, and I've got skillz" and I took off nailing the
moguls and powder below.

Restoring confidence felt so great. I was ready for a Saturday at

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