Got a message from Scottyd, “Wanna go up to the Hut next week?” Sure, I said.

Plan was go up Tuesday, come home Thursday. Tuesday comes , summit socked in by clouds and snow. Wind was outrageous. Quad, Gondi, Lookout all on wind hold entire day, chairs and cabins hid away in their barns. Laps on triple. Lower Tyro was dreamy. %th Ave was glacier. I guess we could have hauled our bags up thee triple nad skin to summit, but with like 80 cans of reeb and two packs each, we  decided not to ski into the maelstrom. Snow still pounding when we left at 5 PM, decreasing exponentially as we drove towards Waterbury.

Wednesday, no worries. Rode up quad, dumped our junk, skied until 4. Variable conditions, but mostly pleasant. Beautiful sunset, clear skies, 40 mile views. 

Thursday, my ride had to go to work, so up and out early. Fresh tracks on impeccably groomed corduroy at 07:30 AM. Four runs and home.

It all seems like a dream now, as we return to normalcy. Christmas to New Years skiing is always a mess.
Wesley Alan Wright, Retired
UVM Academic Computing Services Legacy Applications Division
Starksboro, VT
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