In the dear old days of DRGs,  I used to point out that if the librarian
supplied info that permitted the patient to be discharged a couple days
earlier than the DRG paid for, that was found income.  All due, of course,
to the magician in the library:>)


Lee Hover, D. Med. Hum.
Lacey, WA

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I work one day a week on loan from the college, helping the lone library
assistant at the "medical center down the road." The Manager of Graduate
Medical Education there asked me about typical measures of ROI for hospital
libraries. I am more accustomed to measures of ROI for academic libraries,
and just from poking around briefly, I'm trying to figure out where the
medical center fits: it's not affiliated with a university, but does have
several residency programs and students from Des Moines University do
year-long clinical rotations there. Though the providers and residents do
pursue grants and publication, they have not tracked what the library
provides the researchers and the library assistant is not a part of the
research teams, so there's no good way to look retroactively and say, "x
library work resulted in X amount grant." The goals for the medical center
focus on efficiency, patient safety, staff engagement, customer experience,
nothing unusual, but I'd like to off!
 er her some measures of both literal return on investment in terms of
dollars spent or saved on information resources and services, but then also
other returns in experience for which we might be able to make a case. We
can always punt and do the usual: "we got these via ILL, and if we'd had to
pay for them separately they would have cost X" but that's a reductive way
to look at value, and I want to present more options. I'll be poking around
over the new year reading up on this. If anyone would like to share how ROI
is measured in your hospital setting, I'm all ears and grateful!

Jennie E. Ver Steeg

Director of Library and Media Services

Mercy College of Health Sciences

928 6th Ave.

Des Moines, Iowa 50309



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