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Thank you again for posting this question, as I am sure others are also interested in how long to keep their notices of petition related to Certificates of Public Good. Certificates of Public Good (CPG), as you all know, are issued by the Public Utility Commission (previously the Public Service Board). In November on last year, VSARA in collaboration with the Public Utility Commission finalized a record schedule related to the adjudication of CPGs which includes the record type legal notices. As this schedule embraces all the public agencies that may be involved in a particular function and all the records created and received, municipalities can use the record category that applies to them too.


The CPG related legal notices can be disposed of at the end of the calendar year, plus an additional year and then recycled per SRS-1323.1108.50.


I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have other records management related questions.




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When towns receive Notice of Petition for a Certificate of Public Good to meet their notice requirements. If the town does not comment or participate in the subsequent hearings, how long must a town keep the application on file?




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