Where do I find the forms to consign animals to this sale, thought I had the page saved, but can't find it..  Would like to send 6 heifers.  Not sure if the trucker will prefer CVE or Wt River as I am pretty close to the middle. 

Thank you,

Richard Powell
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Subject: Next VBPA Feeder Sale is March 8th!

Vintage Sales Stables, Inc.
Paradise, PA
March 8, 2019 @ 6PM
Consignments accepted through midnight on February 22nd.
Pickup the morning of Wednesday, March 6th.

VBPA is holding MONTHLY SALES. We need your consignments as early as possible to plan for the lowest trucking prices.  Note the cutoff date for this sale above!

VBPA is providing an eastern VT collection point in White River Junction at 340 North Hartland Road, at the old Howard Johnson's Complex Parking Lot (100 feet from the intersection of 89 and 91) and a [log in to unmask],-73.1224836,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x2f801bfe47c6b401!8m2!3d44.4958109!4d-73.1224836">western VT collection point at the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds in Essex Junction.  We also have a central VT collection point at the stop light on Route 7 in Charlotte at the old gas station.

Charlotte pickup is 8am
CVE pickup is 10am
WRJ pickup is Noon

The collection points are where you transfer from your trailer to the sale trailer.

You'll be emailed waybill forms between the date consignments are closed and the date of pickup that must accompany your cattle on the shipment.  Be sure to provide an email address and phone number in your consignment so we can reach you!

Your cattle must be marked with large easy to read FARM TAGS so they can be identified by sale staff prior to the sale.  The FARM TAG should be letters (your initials or farm initials) followed by a number such as WC1, WC2 etc.  Without your ear tags, it is possible that your animals will be unidentifiable during the sale and VBPA and the sale barn assume no responsibility for your failure to identify your animals with LARGE EASY TO READ EAR TAGS. 

Note that METAL EAR TAGS are also REQUIRED by VT law for animals living in Vermont for positive identification. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture provides free of charge NUES tags (metal ear tags) and applicators for officially identifying cattle.  These tags may be obtained by contacting Darryl Kuehne at (802) 793-5348 (Southern VT), James Cameron at (802) 279-4962 (Northwest VT), Zachary Bartlett at (802) 371-9949 (Northeast VT), your local veterinarian, or your State Department of Agriculture.

Cattle will be weighed prior to entering the Sale Ring and be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If the cattle are pre-conditioned (i.e. vaccinated, de-wormed, weaned, etc.) the details must be on your waybill and this information will be used by the auctioneer at the sale. It would be in the best interest of the consignor to have pre-conditioning management protocols in place as it typically justifies a premium.

**PLEASE NOTE: If we do NOT get a full truckload, trucking costs may be higher. You are welcome to check with the office to see where things stand. Check by the deadline for best results. Also, if you recruit your friends and neighbors to consign, shipping cocts will be lower.

**ALSO NOTE: Cows, bulls and pregnant cows WILL need to be separated from other smaller cattle. Inform the office if you have any cows, pregnant cows, or bulls. We do not accept Bulls over 500lbs.

The non-refundable consignment fee is $10 per head for VBPA members and $15 per head for non-members. This is to pay for advertising and marketing and VBPA expenses to put on the sale.
At the sale barn, per head fees will be deducted from your proceeds for commission and trucking. A check will be mailed to each consignor directly by the sale barn following the sale.  Be sure you have accurate information in your consignment and waybills.

Budget Worksheet for Feeder Sale - 10 head weighing 500 pounds - all figures approximate

VBPA member consignment - $10 per head ($100 for the group)
Sale Barn fees (hay/water) - $5 per head ($50 for the group)
Beef Checkoff - $1 per head ($10 for the group)
Shipping (presuming 75 head at $4 per loaded mile) - $22 per head ($220 for the group)
Sell price $1.50/lb
Gross Income - $7,500
Total expense - $380
APPROXIMATE NET INCOME on 10 head weighing 500 pounds - $7,120

Call the VBPA office toll free with questions: (844) 321-2333

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