Ian Worley offered to analyze the video for a good count and came up with
between 161-169 on the video. 


Thank you for doing this count Ian! Evening Grosbeaks are difficult to count
unless you get them in trees and they stay put for a minute or two. They are
very skittish (sp.) and for no good reason. When I was in my blind to the
left of the feeders, (not seen in the video), I could hear them arriving but
the blind limited my view. They know if I am in there and most times refuse
to come down because I am hidden and a possible threat to them. Surprisingly
if I stand out in the open 60 feet away they accept me as non-threatening. I
wanted to get some video of them so left the blind and went inside. But when
I left and got a panoramic view of them  I felt pretty good that my
guesstimate of around 200 was in the ball park.  (I've had nearly the same
amount here a few years ago and Bruce MacPherson and I estimated that flock
at 180 along with about 250 Redpolls at the same time. 


I just got redpolls here 3 days ago for the first time in 3 years. About a
dozen but they may be building up . Nothing else here this winter which I
think is one of the 'quietest' winters bird-wise in years. Just Nuthatches
and creeper and woodpeckers & juncos. Oh, and a Northern Goshawk has been
here at least 6 times that I've seen. 








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