On Thursday, March 8 2019, the NY City Council Parks and Recreations Committee held a budget hearing to review the Parks Department's budget requests and to solicit comments on it.

Every single speaker -- and there were over 55 of them, including the head of the Parks Department (Mitchell Silver), Assistent Commissioner Liam Cavanaugh, and other Parks officials -- requested that the City allocate to Parks an additional $100 million. You can see the entire hearing at https://councilnyc.viebit.com/player.php?hash=4dRH92QuG9bL

The only people who raised any sort of consternation and challenged Parks Dept. officials in their testimony were attorney Joel Kupferman of the NY Environmental Law and Justice Project, and Mitchel Cohen, speaking on behalf of the No Spray Coalition against pesticides.

Joel Kupferman's testimony is at 3:36:12 thru 3:40:00 of the recording.

Mitchel Cohen's testimony starts at 3:42:23 thru 3:47:19

Feel free to contrast it -- in terms of content and also demeanor -- with the others submitting testimony.

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