Paula is reaching out to us for help!!!!

From: Paula M Christensen <[log in to unmask]>

I received your name from Mr. Scott Nevin, from the Law Office of 
Peter T. Nicholl.

This is a very brief outline of what I am dealing with.

Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

The Region 8 CDC Lt. Commander has told me that I have done all I can 
to protect myself, and now this matter needs to be turned over to the 
EPA for Enforcement -- and I desperately need help.

I discovered through the CDC that I'm being poisoned intentionally 
and on an an on-going (I've e sent multiple letters and medical 
documentation to the companies, which they ignore) basis by the 
herbicide spraying where I live. Every time they spray, I am 
suffocated, sometimes to death. Due to the lack of oxygen when I 
experience these suffocating episodes, which can be daily as they 
spray around me, I am also sustaining hypoxic brain injuries as my 
throat constricts and sometimes closes. As I struggle to breathe, my 
lungs, heart and brain feel like they are going to explode!

I have even had the herbicide vapor come in on my dogs' fur. I have 
all documentation regarding this matter and witnesses. All of my 
suffocating symptoms disappear as soon as it snows and covers the 
grass. Please help me, I don't want to die!

Kind Regards,
Paula M. Christensen
Rapid City, South Dakota

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