Hi. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons also opposes the 
Affordable Care Act and socialized medicine more generally. My sense is 
that the anti-vaxx movement is leaping on this endorsement because the 
AAPS because it has the appearance of medical authority. Let's be more 


On 3/10/19 7:41 PM, Maggie Zhou wrote:
> There was a congressional hearing last week on the use of force to 
> vaccinate (taking away exemptions).
> *Two medical associations* have come out with statements *against 
> *mandatory vaccinations in the past few days, the Association of 
> American Physicians and Surgeons, and Physicians for Informed Consent.
> Here's a well referenced and concise white paper on the *evidence & 
> science that support vaccine exemptions*.  For those who think 
> vaccination is supported by science, this is a must read.  (I've also 
> sent other links to evidence before, so this adds to that.)
> Meanwhile, governments are doubling down on forced vaccinations.
> ABC News is promoting that teens should defy their anti-vaxxer 
> parents' judgement and choose to vaccinate themselves.
> "in at least 7 states a relatively new legal concept called the 
> *mature minor doctrine* allows teens to petition to make their own 
> medical decision."
> Australian government decided to reduce welfare payments for 
> unvaccinated children, to force poor families to vaccinate:
> Maggie
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