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it's probably the logging that has caused the escalation of beetles 
which comprise approx. half of all insect species

and which in natural forests/woodlands ( riparian 
galleries on major rivers here [Northern California]
were 1-2 miles wide and the natural ribboning of the waterways that undercuts
and simultaneously builds their banks is vital to them, and of course causes
trees to fall into across and along them, 
creating otherwise missing habitat of
utmost importance to riparian diversity )

many if not most beetle species feed as larvae on decaying wood; a renowned
and well respected wildlife gardener and educator 
in Oregon said/wrote: "downed
wood is the most important component in providing 
habitat for wildlife:, there's an
Impressive book about the habitats provided by, and only by Wood In Water; and
of course those beetle larvae are fed upon by 
many creatures, of which, of pre-eminent
importance to our species, so long as its role is 
responsibly human, are the birds

( think of the benefits beavers, those benevolent 
woodcutters, bring to all the life forms
both of the woodlands and the waterways, and of the meadows they create )

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>Ash loggers race against time before beetles get them all
>February 27, 2019 by Michael Hill

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