Hi again,
OK, I take your point here that in Bill Gates's 
mind he wanted to use vaccines to save children's 
lives so that their parents would not want to 
have more kids -- a pretty dumb reversal of cause 
and effect, but okay. Maybe his intentions on 
that score are okay, even if his plan is nuts. Maybe.

So now we return to the actual arguments -- Bill 
Gates here was a side trip (even though I'm the 
one who introduced it). There's a difference 
between kids dying from measles in Madagascar and 
getting measles (or other diseases) here in the 
U.S., where most people have access to clean 
drinking water and sanitation -- and obtain 
lifetime immunity from having that disease as a child.


At 03:00 AM 3/12/2019, Steve Nadel wrote:

>While I was waiting for you to post the link to 
>the video, I did a search on Gates & Vaccines to 
>find out what you were talking about. One item i 
>came up on was a Snopes fact check, that I now 
>see is directly related to this video.
>Here is the link 
> From the fact checking it is clear Gates has a 
> fairly conventional liberal view on  value of 
> reducing population growth in high birth rate 
> countries & the just path to do so - i.e. 
> improving women’s conditions (infant 
> mortality, reliable income, etc.)  There are 
> many areas where we can debate the relevance of 
> neo-malthusian arguements as solutions to 
> problems (climate, hunger, poverty, etc.)
>HOwever, the issue here is not what we think of 
>Gates, the work of his foundation or even the 
>value of given women control over their birth 
>rates.  It is the clear misrepresentation as 
>stated in the Snope fact check, that there is 
>some hidden conspiracy to create/use vaccines to reduce unwanted populations.
>Thus this video is another path to a false 
>critique of those in power that may be leftist 
>in rhetoric, but is based on  creating 
>unjustified fear of vaccines and fear of public 
>health measures to increase vaccination 
>(especially in poor countries with challenged 
>public health resources, such as  in Madagascar 
>which is currently reporting nearly 1000 deaths 
>associated with  a measles outbreak)
>>On Mar 11, 2019, at 10:31 PM, Mitchel Cohen 
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>>I was wondering what people here think of this 
>>TED speech by Bill Gates, in which he lauds new 
>>vaccines for population control ....
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