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Construction of the Dam (study for mural, the Department of the Interior,
Washington, D.C.), 1938, oil on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum,
Transfer from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service,
1965.18.11A-C</font size>

*Science for the People calls for a “People’s Green New Deal” to combat the
climate crisis with widespread democratic input.*

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week of April 1st.

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Next organizing webinar:  Sunday, March 24, 2019

The call for a Green New Deal
<> put forward by Rep.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offers an opportunity to create transformative
solutions to the interrelated crises of climate change, racism, xenophobia,
and declining living standards for the majority.

Today, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a movement that
can make this transformative vision a reality. We need you to *sign up
today <>* to help us.

As the Green New Deal becomes part of the mainstream political discussion,
there will be pressure to water it down, and to prioritize its most
problematic elements over those that “require elected representatives to
think outside of the normally accepted economic, social, industrial, and
commercial parameters” (CJA

The People’s Green New Deal campaign will fight to maintain the radical,
popular promise at the heart of the GND proposal
from Ocasio-Cortez and the Sunrise Movement and to strengthen the proposal
through democratic input:

We promote solutions and struggles that educate, organize, mobilize, and
directly empower working class people, Indigenous Peoples, historically
oppressed communities, and migrants displaced by climate disaster, in their
everyday lives.

We aim to collaborate with all of those who have developed the core ideas
<> of the Green New Deal over the years and
decades, particularly to ensure we understand the role of militarism
<> in the climate crisis, and to fight
for globally just

We stand with frontline communities demanding equitable solutions
to the climate crisis, so that no member of our society will be forgotten
or unjustly bear the costs of climate change.

We stand with trade unions demanding a Just Transition and the creation of
millions of green jobs,
that all people may be able to support their families with dignity.

We call for a transformation of the economy which redistributes resources
from those who led us into this crisis in the first place.

*We will act *to ensure the Green New Deal’s social, industrial, and
economic transitions elevate the voices of workers, people of color,
Indigenous Peoples, women, and migrants. We will lend our technical
expertise to supporting solutions that are driven and controlled by these

Addressing climate change is not only an urgent moral and ecological
imperative. It is something that, if done right, can vastly improve the
lives of millions, re-orient our society around values of solidarity,
justice, and equality, and build a much more democratic world.

*Join us today.*

*Sign this call for action & Get involved.*
List of signatories:

* Jamie Bemis, Science for the People NYC*
*Conor Dempsey, Science for the People NYC*
*David Hofmann, Science for the People Atlanta, Emory University, Atlanta,
*Rebecca Orrison, Science for the People Albany,  State University of New
*Zach Zill, Science for the People NYC*
*Amber Keller, Habitat for Humanity, Atlanta, GA*
*Sheila Rosenthal, West Lafayette, IN*
*JoEllen McBride, PhD, Science for the People Magazine, Downingtown, PA*
*Danielle Powers, Science for the People NYC, New York, NY*
*Lisette Torres-Gerald, Science for the People – POC Caucus, Lincoln, NE*
*Julia Greenberg, Sault Sainte Marie, MI*
*Ben Allen, Federal contractor, Knoxville, TN*
*Edna Bonhomme, Max Planck for History of Science, Berlin, Germany*
*Corey Knox, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ*
*Betty Tisel, Minneapolis, MN*
*Harvey Partica, Lewisburg, PA*
*Chelsea McCracken, Dixie State University, St. George, UT*
*fern MacDougal, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI*
*Karen Saunders, Western Mass Science for the People, Brattleboro, VT*
*Zoya Vallari, Caltech, Pasadena, CA*
*Geraldine MacKinnon, Univ. Professor, Santiago, Chile*
*Zhe Yu Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison , Madison, WI*
*Cruz Rodriguez, Janesville , WI*
*Christy Dolph, Science for the People – Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN*
*Andrew Butts, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN*
*Amy Donahue, Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI*
*Thea Riofrancos, DSA Ecosocialist Working Group/ Providence DSA,
Providence, RI*
*Lauren Fleer, Philadelphia, PA*
*Daniel Parker, Jonesboro, AR*
*Rachel Meirs, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health,
Brooklyn, NY*
*Eduardo Remes, Science for the People, Brooklyn, NY*
*Laura Peñaranda, Science for the People NYC, CUNY, New York, NY*
*Nicholas Hart, Seattle, WA*
*Sherry J Wolf, International Socialist Organization, Brooklyn, NY*
*Roxanne R. Young, Austin, TX*
*John Kerin, Los Angeles, CA*
*Amy Muldoon, Communication Workers of America, Astoria, NY*
*Arani Roy, University of Minnesota, Roseville, MN*
*Daniel Adkins, Arlington, Va*
*John McGrath, Labour Party, London, UK*
*Victoria DiMassa, Worcester, MA*
*Bill Fletcher Jr, former president, TransAfrica Forum, Mitchellville, MD*
*Matteo Farinella, Columbia University, New York, NY*
*Aparna Raghu , Lynn, MA*
*Erik Wallenberg, Science for the People, Minneapolis, MN*
*Vicky Cannon, Lone Star College , Spring, TX*
*Avik Herur-Raman, Macalester College YDSA, St. Paul, MN*
*Michael Pisaro , CalArts, Valencia , CA*
*Elaine Loeffler, Finland, MN*
*Brian Ward, International Socialist Organization, Madison , MN*

*Katherine L Bryant, Radboud University, Nijmegen, Nederland Jared Story,
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Jen Sauer, Knoxville, TN Dante
O’Hara, University of California- Riverside Soren Hough, Science for the
People Magazine, University of Cambridge Lilian Smith, Brooklyn, NY Dave
Robinson, Denver DSA Noah Weaverdyck, Science for the People Ann Arbor
Elizabeth Bissell, Putney, VT Laura Beth Pelner, Washington DC Simone
Godwin, Science for the People Knoxville, University of Tennessee Andrew
Foltz-Morrison, Science for the People NYC Jonathan Weil, Science for the
People NYC Maggie Baisley, Whispering Pines, NC Jacob Herbers, University
of Minnesota, MN Helen Zhao, Columbia University, NY Phil Gasper, Madison
Area Technical College, WI Chris Dols, Science for the People, NY
Christopher Baum, International Socialist Organization, NY Eric Ruder,
Better Off Red Podcast, NY Ashley Theissen, International Socialist
Organization, KY Joan McKiernan, Bronx, NY Devon Armstrong, Milwaukee, WI
Lee Wengraf, Author of Extracting Profit, NY Arielle Lawson, Hunter
College, NY Chris Manley, International Socialist Organization, NY Cami Q,
New York, NY Greg Morin, Rochester, NY Rick Sprout, Green Party, NY Justice
Smith, North Seattle Progressives, WA Miran Božičević, Science for the
People, NY Jean Hricik, McDonough, NY Nantina Vgontzas, GSOC-UAW 2110, NY
Tim LaRock, Northeastern University, MA Mel Bienenfeld, President of
Westchester Community College Federation of Teachers, NY Jon Isaac,
International Socialist Organization – Madison, WI Michael Gasser, Science
for the People, Santa Cruz California Ben Silver, New York NY Ansley Hobbs,
CUNY School of Public Health, Brooklyn New York Lisa Duggan, New York
University, New York NY Jonathan Gottlieb, International Socialist
Organization, New York NY Stephen Fernandez, Rowan University, NJ Jonathan
Weil, New York, NY Amanda Champion, New York, NY Nikki Crook, Families for
Climate Action, Brooklyn, NY Hala Iqbal, New York University, NY Nathalie
Gilet, New York, NY Aya Charafeddine, New York University, NY Lia
Soorenian, Columbia University, NY Jared Willard, University of Minnesota,
MN Sheila Rosenthal, West Lafayette, IN Colleen Baublitz, Columbia
University, NY Frank Rosenthal, Purdue University, IN Maggie Lee,
University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN Justin C Burton, Emory University, GA
Bernhard Altaner, Technical University of Munich, Germany Alyce Santoro,
Rhode Island School of Art and Design, RI Sam Anderson, National Black
Education Agenda, NY Anthony Levenda, Arizona State University, AZ Emily
Hoffman, University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, TN Ahmed Hafezi,
New York University, NY Shejla Pollozi, Lehman College, The Graduate
Center, The City University of New York, NY Emma Harnisch, Science for the
People – Western Massachusetts, MA Arthur Borden-Heilman, Brooklyn, NY
Brian Ward, International Socialist Organization, WI Daniel Casey Adkins,
Democratic Socialists of America, VI M. Elias Dueker, Bard College, NY Zoe
Grossman, Bright Power, NY Zoe Kaufman, Brooklyn, NY Rebecca Mason,
University of San Francisco, CA Andrea Guinn, Democratic Socialists of
America, NY Andrew McNamara, Bright Power, NY Bill Bigelow, Rethinking
Schools, OR Pamela Parker, Parsons School of Design, NY Connie Chow,
University of Massachusetts Boston, MA*