To expand a little more on this important point from my last email to some of the lists, the biggest argument that vaccine promoters use is that "vaccines saved many lives since their introduction".

But that's a lie.  Prestigious researchers repeatedly showed that's not true, and warned as early as in the '70s, that profiteers might distort facts so as to get everyone to use their product (vaccines).

The following article put together several of these salient studies.  See highlights below.


- In 1970, Dr. Edward H. Kass, president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, gave a speech to the annual meeting of that society (his speech was later printed in full, in the Journal of Infectious Diseases).  He showed the mortality rate from various infectious diseases from 1850s onwards (see charts in the article), demonstrating convincingly that vaccines had little to do with the dramatic decline in mortality during that period, and warning researchers against taking it for granted that medical interventions had brought it about.

- Then there was the 1977 McKinlay & McKinlay study, the seminal study on the effect of vaccines and other medical interventions on mortality - it used to be REQUIRED READING in every medical school, yet it’s now BURIED.  They found that vaccines and other medical interventions like antibiotics, together were responsible for only 1% -3.5 % of the fall in the overall mortality in the major infectious diseases in the 20th country.  Strikingly, they warned that a group of profiteers might take more credit for the results of an intervention (vaccines) than the intervention deserves, and then use those fake results to create a world where their product must be used by everyone.  YES, THEY PREDICTED THIS IN 1977!

- A CDC study in 2000 reconfirmed the above conclusions, and identified the actual causes for the fall in mortality: clean water, sanitation, better nutrition, etc. etc., as I discussed in my last email.

- Actual vaccine injury rate is around 2-3% of vaccinations, according to this study commissioned and paid for by the CDC when they actually automated the tracking of vaccine injuries.  Not “one in a million”.

- As for countries where living conditions are still poor, The “Aaby Study” published in 2017 in fact found that not only did vaccines in infants in these regions not reduce mortality, but INCREASED MORTALITY.  They found that African children who had been vaccinated with the DTP vaccine:“was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated” – they became more susceptible to other infections.