From Green Party candidate for Attorney General 
of NY State, 
Sussman writes:

Mandatory Vaccinations
March 28 2019

I find interesting how selective many of you are 
in being skeptical about state action. Some who 
generally understand that corporate control of 
our lives includes corporate control over 
government decision-making seem particularly 
supportive of a ban on unvaccinated children in public places when

[a] the the County of Rockland lacks any authority to impose such a ban;

[b] the County should long ago have exercised 
their actually granted authority to quarantine THOSE INFECTED with measles;

[c] religious exemptions are recognized by our 
state law, as they have been in one or another form for more than 100 years;

[d] there are four active cases of measles in a 
county of 325,000 people and those cases are, as 
prior ones have been, isolated in a religious community;

[e] after six months, not only does Green Meadow 
not have one case of measles, but the community 
associated with it has no cases, proof of the 
lack of association between those individuals and the effected population and

[f] the measles vaccination has never been 
proofed or scientifically validated and is a major money maker for Merck.

I have read all the comments to my post yesterday 
(see below) and the support expressed by 
allegedly progressive people for draconian state 
action which curtails individual liberty is shocking.

For those who object to my "star" reference, 
please explain how Rockland County intends to 
enforce this pronouncement without requiring the 
unvaccinated and those with religious exemptions 
to identify themselves: will they presume every 
Hasidic person or every "Hippie" is not vaccinated?

There is much more to write about this example of 
baseless public hysteria and the dismissal, as 
usual, of those who understand that measles is 
not AIDS or EBOLA, that allowing public health 
authorities to overreach their authority is 
dangerous, not salutary, and that religious 
exemptions are valid and have been recognized in many contexts.

For all the experts on comparative religion who 
categorically deny others' beliefs and who "know" 
that one religion or another does NOT recognize 
such exemptions, you, too, are embarked on a 
dangerous form of fascism, imposing your 
interpretations when there is not a single 
interpretation which governs all Jews or all members of any religious group.

27 at 5:02 AM 

Nothing is more dangerous than an emboldened madman.

1. For generations, the United States has sought 
to maintain some credibility with Arab nations 
[though we have always strongly supported 
Israel]. Mr. Trump's "recognition" of Israeli 
sovereignty over the Golan Heights again shifts 
policy and makes attaining lasting peace more 
distant. What ever became of the Kushner "peace plan?"

2. Despite increasing support for the Affordable 
Care Act and polling which shows that this 
support accounted for some of the Democratic 
success in the mid-terms, Trump's Justice 
Department has now changed course and announced 
support for a radical judicial decision out of 
Texas which last December struck down the entire 
law. This sets up a potential June 2020 Supreme 
Court decision which could upend our entire health care system.

3. Likewise, Trump supports abortion restrictions 
which commence with the first trace heartbeat in 
a fetus, again setting up Supreme Court 
re-consideration of Roe v. Wade in 2020.

4. Trump is again proposing environmentally 
tragic exploitation of Alaska wilderness for 
energy reserves, something hardly required by 
national security as we have an over-supply of 
fossil fuel based energy and must wean from, not increase, such dependence.

5. Meanwhile in NY State, the predictable dance 
between the emperor and mere mortals plays out in 
Albany with these unfortunate results: no 
meaningful campaign finance or ethics 
legislation, delays in efforts to legalize 
marijuana and sports gambling, two major new 
revenue sources, no resolution to inequities in 
school funding, no new urban initiatives...yes, 
some good has come from this session, but much more needs to be accomplished.

6. Finally, in Rockland County, rather than 
quarantine the four active measles-infected 
people and those having intimate contact with 
them, after a six month outbreak, which has 
featured other ineffectual responses by public 
health officials, the county executive has now 
banned unvaccinated children from public places. 
I am unsure whether they will now be forced to 
wear a yellow star or not....I have been fighting 
to uphold religious exemptions and bring back 
healthy children to a school with no cases and 
now this...all in our state which, like 46 
others, recognizes religious go 
our rights and those of our friends and neighbors!

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