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How Do You Budget for Facilities and Administrative (F&A/Indirects) Costs at Time of Proposal?


Definition of F&A:  F&A are costs, which fund other items researchers need in order to conduct their work that cannot be specifically allocated to a single project, like heating, phones, laboratory safety equipment, information technology, etc.


UVM’s position:  UVM expects full recovery of F&A costs associated with extramural funding.


Budgeting at time of Proposal:

·         Proposals/Agreements for external funding must include full F&A costs by using the appropriate UVM Federally Approved F&A Rate, in effect at time of proposal submission, subject to sponsor limitations.

·         UVM does recognize some sponsors and programs have F&A recovery limitations that are less than UVM’s federally approved rates.  These rates are accepted as long as there are published rate limitation in their proposal guidelines or confirmed in writing by sponsor’s grant office to ensure such limits are equitably applied by the sponsor to all applicants.

For full information relating to Indirects see SPA’s Website 18.  Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs or Indirect Costs.  Also feel free to contact you Research Administrator at time of proposal with any questions.


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