Several weeks ago Cornell sent me a link for instructions & link for
Audacity Software ( a free download for uploading audio to eBird.) Probably
many of you who have uploaded audio received a similar notice. I don't like
or want to spend a lot of time editing photos, video  or audio but without
reading the manual/instructions (as is my nature with anything) I was able
to combine 3 separate short audio files and cut out most of the 'silent'
sections in a few minutes for adding to an eBird report. I think the idea
from the Macaulay Library was that the audio may prove useful to them if
certain criteria was met.


Also after seeing another birder friend use an Olympus LS-P4 recorder I
bought one and have found it to be excellent for picking up sound from long

It has worked for catching the soft sounds of Boreal Chickadee and BB
woodpecker from 100 yards away. Of course someday I may actually read the
manual on how to use it but I would probably just forget what I read anyway. 




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Tom Berriman