Hi folks,

North Branch Nature Center recently announced a new birding trip we’ll be
offering this June to Michigan and northwestern Ohio. So many great
breeding birds out there including, of course, Kirtland’s Warbler. Our trip
will take us to a wide variety of habitats including open prairies
(Sharp-tailed Grouse, Western Meadowlark, LeConte’s Sparrow, Dickcissel),
boreal forests (Spruce Grouse, Canada Jay, Connecticut Warbler), pine-oak
woodlands (Kirtland’s Warbler, Lark Sparrow, Acadian Flycatcher, Red-headed
Woodpecker), and unique wetlands (Yellow Rail, Black-necked Stilt, American
White Pelican, Whooping Crane).

I hope you’ll consider joining Zac Cota and I! For more information, please
visit our website.


Cheers, Chip

Chip Darmstadt, Executive Director

North Branch Nature Center

(802) 229-6206 x105

www.NorthBranchNatureCenter.org <http://www.northbranchnaturecenter.org/>