Can't get much luckier than that, Steve. There used to be a great horned
nest in large pine in the La Platte River marsh, not far up the trail from
Shelburne schools on east side of the creek. No idea if that site is used

I have a (sounds like I own them!) pair of barred owls over here. I've
encountered both of them in the woods and, occasionally, one of them will
show up perched in a tree close to the house.

My sister says there is a short-eared owl close to where she lives on
Carpenter Rd. in Charlotte. She hears it most evenings while on her run.

Charlie La Rosa
So. Washington

On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 1:27 PM Stephen Antell <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Given today’s discussion about barred owls, I started to hear a pair of
> great horned owls calling regularly in December and finally found their
> nesting site about three weeks ago, high up in a pine tree on Woodbine Road
> in Shelburne.  I have a scope trained on it in one of our bedrooms and can
> just barely see the owl’s ears and head.  The nest is also visible from the
> road, but the owl may be hard to see now while it is incubating.  On windy
> days, it sure looks like a wild ride up there.  I have to think the eggs
> must be close to hatching, and when they do things should get a lot more
> interesting.  If people are interested, I can let you know when the young
> owls are visible and where to find them.
> Steve Antell