It seems that everyone is obsessed with the arrival of Redwings and Grackles.

So I will add my two cents to the new bird/animal list.


Just about daybreak some strange noises awakened me that sounded like they were coming from under my front porch, like animal grunts. I have an idea it was the Grey Fox family that has a den somewhere nearby. I usually only see them in the winter when they arrive in the dark and my security lights click on and give me good views. And I have a feeling they were gleaning the leftover wild bird seed.  Some of the grunts and low yapping was fading while others were strong and closer.  Then silence, as though they had been told time to leave.   Then later on while having breakfast two deer made an appearance and were pawing the snow for whatever they thought was there and edible.  They nuzzled the dead flower stalks in the garden but didn't bite, and left the scene.  An hour or so later fourteen Turkeys paraded by two by two pecking the snow as they went and they too disappeared into the low hemlock shrubbery.  All were FOY.


Al Merritt

West Brattleboro




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This morning I had the FOY four male red winged blackbirds dining on the ground  peaceably with a dozen or so redpolls,  and goldfinches.  Also the usual chickadees, nuthatch, hairy woodpecker, mourning doves and two not  so peaceable red squirrels.

Jo Anne, Berkshire