So we skied 2 big resorts during our 10 days in Colorado. Winter Park and
Steamboat. Both have excellent tree skiing. There are some steeps but
overall those ski areas aren't really super steep (like JH, Snowbird or
Discovery). I mentioned Discovery because we had such an epic time there
last year and the 2 other times we were there it was pretty good too and I
realize, after spending 10 days at big resorts, that I prefer the smaller
ski areas. Ok, maybe this isn't new news, but it reinforced what I already

We chose those resorts because we bought Ikon passes.

Next year we may go back to Montana. It's pretty magical there. Big Sky is
an awesome resort with so much great terrain. Something for everyone. But
the best part is that we can go to Bridger and Disco within fairly short

I hope to get back to Mammoth (speaking of large resorts) this spring, as
it is on the Ikon pass, and that should bring my daily lift ticket cost
down to around $30. Steamboat was getting $199 for lift tix! So we saved a
bundle. I spent less than $1000 on this trip including food, car rental and
lodging (we did have 3 nights of free lodging where we brought food cooked
for our hosts, which saved us money). Traveling with a small group helped.

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