I think I'm approaching Day 50 ..... I'm losing count.

With a storm in the forecast, I planned on a Wachusett dawn patrol and was able to round up Erin and Martha. Those 2 have been training for the Tuckerman Inferno and we all met at the Mt Washington Backcountry Ski Fest. They each have over 40 WaWa dawn patrols this season and Martha completed the 2017 NYC Marathon at age 54.  

Plenty of snow was to be had and Erin and I swapped leads breaking trail in the heavy new snow setting a very brisk pace.  Fun skiing was had in the heavy untracked as we got in over 1500 feet of verts. We had to leave for various reasons with mine being I had to get back for a 9am phone interview ........ which the whose postponed until tomorrow.

What was significant was that I almost set a new PR in getting to the top of Wachusett with no coughing and feeling very energetic.  I also had a demanding strength training session tonight and again with no coughing and feeling very energetic. Makes me wonder what was in that office I was working in ...... hmmmmm ......

Mark P. Renson
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