I was not a whose, I just decided to stay at Smuggs where they were actually running some of the lifts so that I was sure I wouldn't be stuck at $towe with no way back. I had already paid my $85 (thanks Tawny, my buddy) the previous Saturday to skate a bit and then go taste some WhistlePig whiskey.

The day was quite spectacular. Untracked everywhere. Did an ear run, a low IQ, a highway chute. It was all good. Except the lift lines. About 45 minutes for Sterling lift, maybe 20 minutes for Madonna 2 (they never opened Madonna 1).

Glad that the Morton family could donate their winter break to the important role of returning snowfall to the northeast. But overall, the skiing was terrible the first day, good for the next five days, and then awesome for the last two days. We got my three year old nephew out making a few turns on a non-MRG friendly device. The nights were fun, complete with yours truly doing a crowd-rocking Missy Elliot "Work It" at the Liquid Courage Karaoke.

It was a little sad going through the back bowls without Ben, Tawny, Roger and others. They should have warned me to take GPS coordinates before going to the dark side. Maybe next year these lifts will be back on the same pass? :-).

Till next year Vermont. Till next year.

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