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Date: Wed, Apr 10, 2019 at 8:29 AM
Subject: Join us for Socialism 2019 July 4th-7th in Chicago!

Check out Socialism 2019, sponsored by Haymarket Books and Jacobin.
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*Sponsored by Haymarket Books and Jacobin . . . *

Haymarket Books and *Jacobin* are now co-sponsoring the annual Socialism

We're making some exciting changes to ensure the conference remains an
important contribution to the emerging socialist movement.

   - More discussions and debates on socialist strategies for today with a
   broader left audience.
   - Breakout spaces for activists and organizers to meet and strategize
   together with others from across the country.
   - Many panels organized by endorsing groups to be announced soon.

to register and get more information.

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*Featured speakers include: *

*Naomi Klein* author, *No Is Not Enough*
*Amy Goodman* host, *Democracy Now!*
*Mike Davis* author, *Old Gods, New Enigmas*
*Imani Perry* author, *Looking for Lorraine*
*Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor* author, *From #Black Lives Matter to Black
*Astra Taylor* filmmaker, writer, and political organizer
*Frances Fox Piven* author and professor, CUNY
*Bhaskar Sunkara *editor, *Jacobin, *and author *The Socialist Manifesto*
*Russell Rickford *author, *We Are an African People*
*Sarah Jaffe* author, *Necessary Trouble *
*Dave Zirin* author, *A People’s History of Sports in the United States*
*Gillian Russom* UTLA strike leader
*Donna Murch* author, *Living for the City*
*Justin Akers Chacón* author, *No One Is Illegal* and *Radicals in the
*Tithi Bhattacharya* author, *Feminism for the 99%*
*Asad Haider* author, *Mistaken Identity*
*Brian Jones *actor, educator and activist
*David Harvey *author, *A Companion to Marx's Capital *
*David McNally *author, *Global Slump*

and many more . . . check the website for updates!
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