Here's a response I sent yesterday to Mark:
Global warming is real, but not just due to fossil fuels.  Many of the extreme weather events are actually the result of covert weather manipulations/weather warfare.
Skeptical Science will never acknowledge the covert activities.  It's an establishment mouthpiece, used to debunk many "conspiracy theories" that are actually true.
The Deep State uses global warming and covert geoengineering (chemtrailing and HAARP) to divide-n-rule the left and the right, who each get half of the truth.
5G IS MEANT TO BE A WEAPON, for total population control and enslavement by those at the top of the pyramid.  It can be used to kill people, to make them ill (specific illness can be chosen at will), to control their mental state, etc.  It isn't primarily about profit.  Listen to scientists explain such technology:

France and Germany have NOT banned WiFi in schools.  Some localities in these countries might have.  Not the whole country.  Both countries are firmly in the hands of the NWO, just like the US.  The state of Bavaria in Germany issued recommendation to its residents to choose landline over WiFi, a number of years ago.
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Our friend Mark Crispin Miller forwarded this essay widely. It ispublished on a rightwing, racist (fascist), anti-semitic website (you canjudge from all the disgusting comments I included below -- don't readthem if you have a normal stomach!). I re-send it here because itexemplifies the most potent of the creepazoids' arguments (similar to theclimate-change denyer Michael Crichton on this issue), and we should knowabout them and be able to refute them scientifically, as well asmorally.

And ALSO because the very real issue of global climate change hasbeing hijacked by liberal politicians whose refusal to understandclimate change and destruction of the planet in the context of globalcapitalism undermines the strength (and importance) of our environmentalmovements. They open themselves and all of us to specific challengesbecause of sometimes shoddy research and presentations, let alone thepathetic non-solutions they propose which feed into bolstering capitalisminstead of excoriating it. We need (again) to reclaim our ownmovements.

Still, I don't believe that most of us are able to effectively refute thetechnical and pseudo-scientific arguments made herein (aside from theobvious fascist statements by proponents of it). So, since a strongclimate justice movement needs to be able to articulate effectiveresponses to challenges such as this, I am submitting it here for us tomake point-by-point rejoinders to it, to strengthen ourmovements.

I start off with a post from Mark Crispin Miller himself, who apparentlytook a bit of flak for forwarding this article (below) from a whitesupremacist website. It's worth it to read the two articles below Mark'sdisclaimers first, to see how much of the "scientific"misinformation presented there we all are able to understand and refute.That's our challenge.

- Mitchel Cohen

P.S. We can and should also go to the originalwebsite and post our own comments there. Take on the bastards,especially because lots of people read these sort of sites who remainsilent because they just don't know what to make of them nor how torefute the claims made there. Our interventions, thus, areimportant!

From Mark Crisipin Miller:

The "heretical take" that I sent out yesterday riled some of mysubscribers, in part because 
the source is (ferociously) right-wing, and in part because the pieceitself contains misinformation. 
Since I asked for any corrective material that people ought to see, I wasglad to get this link
from my old friend Brad Friedman: It seems quite sound, so
I encourage all those interested in this issue to go there (and if anyonehas problems with
that piece, I hope they'll let me know).

Now, I myself have problems with the global warming narrative, but notbecause I don't
believe it's true. It seems to me that the oceanographic evidence aloneis strong enough
to make the case. What troubles me, rather, is how the New York Times etal. highlight
only that environmental threat, while blacking out or playing downor laughing off the
many other grave environmental dangers facing us.

For example, there's Fukushima -­ or, rather, where is Fukushima,in the NYTimes or
anywhere else? From those outlets you would never know what that ongoingdisaster
has already done to the Pacific Ocean, which is not just graduallyrising due to climate
change but also increasingly and lethally polluted with cesium and otherradioactive
contaminants -­ which, according to Reuters, have been found as far northas Alaska's
Bering Strait. (I sent that piece out last month.) While "climatechange" is everywhere
we look throughout the media, Fukushima is nowhere to be found.

Likewise, from "our free press" you would never know that WiFiis an environmental
danger, grave enough to move the governments of France and Germany to banits
use in schools. Worse, the corporate media has totally blacked out thelikely
catastrophic impact of 5G, which all of them are avidly promotingon behalf of the
huge advertisers pushing it. The same commercial bias explains themedia's
long criminal silence on the carcinogenic effects of cell phone use -­just as they
once blacked out the growing meddical consensus on the dangers ofcigarette 
smoking, except that this black-out is even worse, in that the risks ofcell phone
use are (very quietly) acknowledged by the cell phone companiesthemselves,
in the fine print of their product information.

And while we're all bombarded endlessly with news about the threat ofclimate
change, and its impact on the oceans, there's very little news about therange
of poisons, other than the nuclear outflow from Fukushima, that have longsince
salted all the waters of the world: pesticides, chemical fertilizers,detergents,
good old-fashioned sewage­and oil. While going on and on about whatfossil
fuels will do to Earth's temperature, "our free press"has long since
clammed up completely vis-a-vis the toll of the BP oil-spill in the Gulfof Mexico:

And then there's glyphosate, a terrifying danger, here and now, to theenvironment
and our food safety, as well as GMO's. While "our free press"has now and then,
and quietly, reported on the former, they've actively denied that thereis anything
to fear from GMO's. (The Time's Jane Brody is, as usual, as staunchdenialist on
this controversial subject.) That glyphosate has had a catastrophicimpact on
marine life in those ever-rising oceans is a fact that's also beenblacked out
by "our free press."

These are only some of the erasures long effected by the media'sover-emphasis
on climate change per se; and, through its one-eyed emphasis on fossilfuels as the
primary cause of global warming, "our free press" has totallyblacked out the mammoth
US military contribution to the problem. How many people know thatthe Department
of Defense is the worst polluter on the planet?

And how many people know that corporate agribusiness­which is to say, thecrap
they scarf down aat McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's­also hascontrributed
enormously to climate change? The emphasis on fossil fuels alone haslargely
whited out the fact that animal agriculture accounts for some 15% ofglobing warming.
(On this subject I recommend the documentary Cowspiracy, which,although it
exaggerates the environmental impact of agribusiness, is still animportant exposé
of an environmental threat with which the top green groups have beenbizarrely

Such are my concerns about this issue. Please feel free to weighin.


Mark sends this Postscript:

 From Josh Mitteldorf: 

Charles Eisenstein has a recent book onClimate, which says that human activity (capitalism gone mad) isdestroying the
ecological foundation of our own human life as well as the naturaltreasure into which humanity was born, that CO2 isone
tiny piece of this picture, that there are huge uncertainties glossedover in the narrative of global warming as it has been
presented in the liberal media ... but that it really doesn't matter whatyou believe about CO2 because we need tocompletely
change everything about the way we relate to our planet and to eachother, and as we learn to live in harmonious and sustainable
relationship, the CO2 issue will be handledorganically, so to speak.

While this is a faithful account of Charles's message, I'm not doingjustice to his book, which (like everything Charles writes) is
deeply thoughtful, full of revelations, fun to read, and -- in the end --full of hope and confidence. Also like everything Charles writes,
it is offeredfree in full, or for acontribution.

From Rob Williams:
And don't forget GEOENGINEERING.

If you appreciate News From Underground, please consider making adonation­either a one-time gift or a monthly subscription:
Thank you for your support.

This is interesting. If it's wrong, please don't hesitate to let usknow exactly how. (Mark Crispin Miller)

Earth Day, 2019: Fifty Years of Apocalyptic Global Warming Predictionsand Why People Believe Them, Part 1
April 19, 2019 /23 Comments / inFeatured Articles / byPeter Baggins, Ph.D.


Two of the most important problems that the so-called Green New Deal willattempt to solve at the cost of incalculable trillions are global warmingand its consequences, including drought, famine, floods and massivestarvation. You may recall that Obama in his 2015 State of the Unionspeech declared that the greatest threat facing us was neither terrorismnor ISIS. It wasn’t nuclear weapons in rogue states either. “No challengeposes a greater threat to future generations than climate change,” saidObama.

His entire administration including Vice President Joe Biden, andSecretary of State John Kerry, frequently repeated the claim that climatechange was the greatest threat facing the world. It was a sentiment Obamastressed again during an Earth Day trip to the Florida Everglades wherehe said, “This is not a problem for another generation. It has seriousimplications for the way we live rightnow”.

More recently, presidential hopefuls like Beto O’Rourke, along with mostDemocrat candidates, declared their zealous support for the Green NewDeal in forecasting that the world will end in 12 years if nothing isdone. “This is the final chance, the scientists are absolutely unanimouson this ­ that we have no more than 12 years to take incredibly boldaction on this crisis. Not to be melodramatic, but the future of theworld depends on us right now here where weare.” 

This leads to the question I pose in this brief, data-driven, essay:What kind of track record do the politicians and their experts have intheir climate predictions? After all, some of these predictions were made10, 20 or even 50 years ago. Can’t we now look back at their predictionsand begin to hold them accountable?

As others have done, I have chosen to begin with the first Earth Day“Celebration” in 1970. Now who can be against Earth Day? It’s a charmingidea, and I have been an enthusiastic supporter since my college days inAnn Arbor, when we celebrated the event on the campus of the Universityof Michigan.

Here’s what the experts were saying almost a half century ago onEarth Day, 1970:

      - 1) “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediateaction is taken against problems facing mankind.” 
      - ­ Harvard biologist George Wald    

      - 2) “It is already too late to avoid mass starvation,” 
      - ­ Denis Hayes, Chief organizer for Earth Day    

      - 3) “We are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival ofthis nation, and of the world as a suitable place of human 
      - abitation.” 
      - ­ Washington University biologist Barry Commoner    

      - 4) “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever smallincreases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase untilat least 100–200 million people per year will be starving to death duringthe next ten years. … Most of the people who are going to die in thegreatest cataclysm in the history of man have already been born. … [By1975] some experts feel that food shortages will have escalated thepresent level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievableproportions. Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimatefood-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s. 
      - ­ Stanford University biologist Paul Ehrlich    

      - 5) “Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grimtimetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these willspread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the NearEast, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and CentralAmerica will exist under famine conditions …. By the year 2000, thirtyyears from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe,North America, and Australia, will be in famine.” 
      - ­ North Texas State University professor Peter Gunter    

      - 6) “In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks tosurvive air pollution… by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amountof sunlight reaching earth by one half.” 
      - ­ Life magazine    

      - 7) “At the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it’s only a matter oftime before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of ourland will be usable. … By the year 2000, if present trends continue, wewill be using up crude oil at such a rate … that there won’t be any morecrude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say, ‘Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ andhe’ll say, ‘I am very sorry, there isn’t any. … The world has beenchilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, theworld will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperaturein 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twicewhat it would take to put us into an ice age.” 
      - ­ Kenneth Watt    

Global Warming and Massive Starvation

I will focus my attention on the two most important predictions:Global Warming and Massive Starvation. If we return to the failedprediction of global cooling noted above, we can put the temperature datain a wider perspective. NASA data show that a period of warming in the1920’s and 30’s was followed by two or three decades of coolingtemperatures, from the 1940s to 1970. At that time many experts,including Carl Sagan, warned us of a possible ice age­only to have theclimate change on them. From the 1970s to the late 1990s, scientistsbegan to record slightly warmer temperatures. Curiously, as we look backat this period NASA sounded the alarm for global warming while ashort time later the New York Times cited NOAA [NationalOceanic and Atmospheric Administration] data showing no warming overthe past 100 years in the US.

Since then, group think and political correctness, plus rewards ingovernment grants and university promotions, have created incentives fornearly everyone to jump onto the current bandwagon of projecting anescalating warming trend. Once again we came back to the doomsdayscenario that characterized 1970’s.

Then, out of the blue, the darned climate changed again. Globaltemperature data has been roughly flat since about 1998, even cooling by..056 degrees C from February 2016 to February 2018, according toofficial NASA global temperaturedata. Of course, this is just a two-year trend.

You may have noticed that nearly all of the doomsday theories seem tobegin with the phrase, “if current trends continue.” But, as I have justreviewed, current trends don’t continue. Global temperatures go down,then up, then stay flat. Population growth tapers off, new oil reservesare discovered, agricultural yields increase at even higher rates.Doomsday forecasters always overestimate gloomy trends and underestimatehuman ingenuity in problem solving.

This raises the question: How would an informed citizen make sense of ourcurrent predicament?

Without question there has been an increase in carbon dioxide and othergreenhouse gases released by the burning of fossil fuels and other humanactivities. A majority of scientists believe this to be the primarysource of the global warming that has occurred.

Just how much warming has occurred?

The scientific consensus is that the average temperature of the Earth hasrisen about 0.4 °C over the past 100 years. This is far less than expertspredicted. And therein lies the problem: scientists are better atobservation than prediction.

A case in point: experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climatecarrying out global warming research have now predicted that averageglobal temperatures could increase between 1.4 and 5.8 °C by theyear 2100. Notice the nearly 5-fold difference between the conservativeand more liberal (one is tempted to say “progressive”) estimates. Thisstrikes me as akin to meteorologists predicting tomorrow’s high assomewhere between 40 and 80 degrees. Not much of a forecast if you aretrying to decide whether to head to the beach or not. The confidenceinterval seems pretty safe, but the precision leaves much to be desired.Just how much faith should one put in such projections, given the flawedmodels and track record of failed predictions?

Regarding the other staggering Earth Day forecast of widespreadstarvation into hundreds of millions, recent satellite data from NASA andNOAA offer a compelling explanation for the spectacular failure of thesepredictions.

Almost half of Earth’s vegetated lands have shown significant greeningover the past 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbondioxide, according to a recent study published in the journal NatureClimate Change. An international team of 32 authors from 24institutions in eight countries led the effort, which involved usingsatellite data from NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer andthe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Advanced Very HighResolution Radiometer instruments to help determine the leaf area index,or amount of leaf cover, over the planet’s vegetatedregions.


This greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and treesequivalent in area to two times the continental United States, or morethan two million square miles of extra green leaf area per year, comparedto the early2000’s. That increase represents an enormous amount of food to feed ahungry planet, which is one reason the Earth Day predictions of massstarvation never materialized.

Because the mainstream media refuses to report such important data asthis is from NASA and NOAA that do not support their doomsday narrative,I have never actually met anyone who knew anything about this when Imention it. I only learned about this myself a few years ago becauseofMatt Ridley, whose excellent blog I recommend withoutreserve:

      - You may remember from high school biology that increasedconcentrations of carbon dioxide increase photosynthesis, spurring plantgrowth. Green leaves use energy from sunlight through photosynthesis tochemically combine carbon dioxide with nitrogen drawn in from the airwith water and nutrients tapped from the ground to produce sugars, whichare the main source of food, fiber and fuel for life on Earth. The goodnews is that the impact that this greening has had in reducing hunger andstarvation around the globe is undiminished, despite going unreported.When is the last time you heard a report of massive human starvation ofhundreds of millions, or even tens of milions. How about 1 million … do Ihear a hundred thousand, anyone? Anyone?   

Fact Check:Fewer and fewer people die from climate-related naturaldisasters.

This is clearly the opposite of what you hear from the mainstream media,which loves to provide as much coverage as possible of one disaster afteranother. A more rational analysis would examine the average number ofdeaths per decade from 1920-1917. But this would show a “huuuge” declinein deaths caused by climate change, and we can’t have that now can we?The data below are from the most respected global database, theInternational Disaster Database.

In contrast to the dire Earth Day predictions of 1970, climate-relateddeaths have been declining strongly for 70 years. Notice that thisdecline in the absolute number deaths occurred while the globalpopulation increased four-fold. Thus, the individual risk of dying fromclimate-related disasters has declined almost 99% from the 1920s to thepresent day. Our increased wealth and technological capacity to respondto natural disasters has greatly reduced our collective human climatevulnerability – Good news for rational beings, bad news for Democratcandidates.

Fifty Years of Apocalyptic Global Warming Predictions and Why PeopleBelieve Them, Part 2
April 21, 2019 /15 Comments / inFeatured Articles / byPeter Baggins, Ph.D.

Scientists have known for some time that their predictive models ofglobal warming were at increasing odds with the data. More recently, theyhave begun to pinpoint some of the faulty assumptions in the models usedto make projections (not observations) of global warming. One example ofthis type of correction is a2018article published in the prestigious journal,Science.

      - Nitrogen availability is a central controller of terrestrial plantgrowth and, thereby, of the carbon cycle and global climate change. Ithas been widely assumed that the atmosphere is the main source ofterrestrial nitrogen input. Surprisingly, Houlton et al. now show thatbedrock is just as large a nitrogen source across major sectors of theglobal terrestrial environment.   

Climate scientists have long known that plants offset some of theeffects of climate change by absorbing and storing CO2. But they assumedthat the ability to plants to perform this function was limited becausethe availability of nitrogen in the atmosphere was limited. As an earlier2003 study published in Science stated, “there will not be enoughnitrogen available to sustain the high carbon uptake scenarios.”

But this idea that the only source of nitrogen for plant life came fromthe air has been refuted in a more recent article, also inScience.Now we know that there are vast storehouses of nitrogen in the planet’sbedrock that plants can also feed on. In light of these findings, RonaldAmundson, a soil biogeochemist at the University of California atBerkeley, told Chemical and Engineering News that “If there is morenitrogen there than expected, then the constraints on plant growth in ahigh-CO2 world may not be as great as we think.”

With more nitrogen available, plant life might be able to absorb more CO2than climate scientists have been estimating. This  “has thepotential to change all projections related to climate change,” becausethere could be more carbon storage on land and less in the atmospherethan the models assume.

For interested readers, a series of articles on this topic reveal otherevidence of weaknesses in climate models used to predict future warming.These modelsfailed to predict a decade-long pause in global temperatures. Norhave variouscalamities that were supposed to have occurred by now materialized.And a recent paper published in another prestigious scientific journal,Nature, has also concluded that the planet isless sensitive to increases in CO2 than the computer modelsassume.

Of course the sky is falling, but maybe not as fast as is being predictedby the left-wing media. Beware of self-serving socialist projectionsbased on outdated computer models, or sometimes just nothing at all. Thenotorious AOC and her ilk can get away with unprecedented levels ofignorance given the current state of American journalism as long as theerrors are in the left direction. But any curious citizen can look backat what previous “experts” claimed was supposed to happen over the pasthalf century and confirm just how erroneous and exaggerated their claimshave been all along.

Over thirteen years ago, Al Gore declared the earth to be in a “trueplanetary emergency” with only a decade left to save the planet fromglobal warming. Theformer vice president said, that “unless drastic measures to reducegreenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reacha point of no return.”

Gore’s movie, Inconvenient Truth, was found by a British judge to containnine errors. The judge said it could not be shown to students unless itincluded a notice pointing out the errors. Here are nine of Al Gore’sguilt/fear producing predictions that never materialized.    
   - Rising Sea Levels Threatening Coastal Cities and Islands 
   - Increased Tornadoes 
   - New Ice Age in Europe 
   - South Sahara Drying Up 
   - Massive Flooding in China and India 
   - Drastic Loss of Arctic Ice 
   - Polar Bear Extinction 
   - Dramatic Rise in Global Temperature Due to CO2 
   - Katrina a Foreshadow of Future Increase in Hurricanes 

Gore’s point of “no return” was back in 2016. Of course, his movie won anOscar, and the hero of Hollywood was fast-tracked to becoming the first“carbon billionaire.” In just 7 years between 2000 and 2007, Gore’sassets soared 50-fold from an estimated $780,000–$1.9 million to “well inexcess” of $100 million. Besides his hit movie, Goreused his climate panic lobbying to sway the government to invest inthe economic sectors he was poised and ready to profit from. By 2008,Gore put $300 million into a campaign to promote climate fears whileoffering carbon reduction solutions that benefited the firms he wasinvested in. When the sympathetic Obama Administration introduced a“renewable energy” solution for the economy, fourteen of the tech firmsGore was invested in had received and/or benefited from over $2.5 billionin loans, grants, and tax breaks.

Democrats count on the public to forget each dire warning that they issueabout the end of the world in ten years. Then ten years later they makethe same predictions. And the shocking thing is that somehow the publicdoes forget, or at least the Democrats do. As each new generation ofAmerican schoolchildren are indoctrinated to believe this doomsdayprediction, they march to protest “climate inaction” and set out to savethe planet.

The inconvenient truth for Gore, Obama, and the current crop of Democrathopefuls is that there is no planetary emergency. Not one of their direpredictions has come to pass. Why do they and their multitude offollowers continue to believe their doomsday prophecies in the face of 50years of disconfirmation? It turns out that psychologists have acompelling explanation.

In the 1950s, psychologist Leon Festinger became intrigued with a newsstory about a doomsday cult led by Dorothy Martin, a suburban housewifewho claimed she’d received messages about the impending flooding of theEarth. Festinger was already developing his theory of cognitivedissonance and recognized the situation as a unique laboratory to studywhat would happen when a deeply-held belief was disconfirmed. He saw thisas a case that would lead to the arousal of dissonance when the prophecyinevitably failed. He thought that altering or denying the originalbelief would be very difficult, as Martin and her group were fiercelycommitted to it. For an excellent application of cognitive dissonancetheory to the liberal mind, seehere.

Thus began a unique observational study of this small apocalyptic cultthat laid the foundation for one of the most influential psychologicaltheories in the history of the field. Martin claimed to have receivedmessages from “the Guardians,” a group of superior beings from anotherplanet, who said a flood would destroy the world on December 21, 1954.Three psychologists and several more assistants joined the cult andobserved proceedings firsthand for months before and after the predictedapocalypse. Many of the group members quit their jobs and disposed oftheir possessions in preparation for the apocalypse. When doomsday cameand went, Martin claimed that the world had been spared because of the“force of good and light” that the group members had spread throughoutthe world. Rather than abandoning their discredited beliefs, groupmembers adhered to them even more strongly and began proselytizing withfervor.

Festinger had predicted exactly this reaction. He argued thatproselytizing provided a way for them to gain more social support andthus lessen the dissonance of disconfirmation. As Festinger wrote, “Ifmore and more people can be persuaded that the system of belief iscorrect, then clearly it must after all be correct.” As he wrote in hisclassic book about the case, When Prophecy Fails, the group’s beliefsystem did not just remain intact, it became even stronger.

This has close parallels with today’s climate alarmists who have beenforecasting the end of the world as we know it in ten years and renewingthat prophecy with more fervor with each passing decade since 1970. Thepervasive cultural and institutional power held by the Democrat media(film, the talk show universe (whether morning, noon or late-night), TVnews broadcasts, major newspapers and magazines, etc.) represent aparticularly powerful form of social support. After all, if you are in aposition of tremendous institutional or political power, then not onlyare you hugely confirmed by the colleagues who share your beliefs, butquestioning them would threaten everything you hold dear: job,reputation, future career and social standing. Festinger paid specialattention to this role the society plays in keeping dissonance at bay:“The more people who hold a belief in common with you, the greater theamount of consonance that is built up and the less dissonance that isencountered when there is a disagreement.”

The doomsday paradigm initiated by true believers on Earth Day in 1970and echoed by multiple generations of Democrat leaders from Gore to Obamato the current “Green New Deal” continues to develop widening cracks asthe ratrio of contradiction to reality increases. The cognitivedissonance caused by being on such intellectually shaky ground insuresthat this doomsday belief system will remain intact for the foreseeablefuture, producing more denial and dysfunctional thinking, more hystericalcalls and campaigns for the moral exclusion of “climate deniers”, andmore desperate measures against them.
For Festinger’s theory, see:

Festinger, L., Riecken, H. W., & Schachter, S. (1956). When ProphecyFails. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Festinger, L. (1957). A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Stanford, CA:Stanford University Press.


anarchyst says: 

If environmentalism restricted itself to truly caring for our naturalresources, I would have no problem with it. However, with the secretscience and questionable funding that these environmental groups possesstaints the whole barrel. It turns out that many claims thatenvironmentalists make have no basis in fact and are not based on good,honest, scientific investigation. This is why environmental scientistshave to hide their data, as it does not fit their agenda. A good exampleof this is the so-called global warming crap, now renamed climate change.For one, the climate is always changing. The East Anglia emails in whichdata was purposely falsified by climate scientists comes to mind. Notonly that, the climate scientists purposely installed temperaturemonitoring sensors in cities, contrary to manufacturers recommendationsand good scientific practices, in asphalt-covered parking lots, and otherheat sink areas in order to prove their (faulty) hypothesis. This isscientific dishonesty at its worst.
It turns out that the solar system is in a cooling cycle due to decreasedsolar activity. There are two long-term solar cycles that reinforcethemselves when in phase and cancel themselves out when out-of-phase.Look up the Maunder minimum. There are no SUVs on Mars or other planets,yet they are also experiencing the same solar variability.
Environmentalism has been the method used to impose communist principleson western society, especially in the USA.
Environmentalists are not content with promoting clean water, air andland, but are hell-bent on controlling human behavior, and yes, promotingextermination plans for much of humanity as these anointed types considermankind to be a pestilence (except for themselves) to be reduced inpopulation by any means necessary.
Environmentalists HATE the God-given concept of private property and haveimposed government-backed and enforced land use controls on privateproperty owners without compensation, clearly an unconstitutional takingof private property. If environmentalists want to control land use, letthem purchase it themselves, not by government force. Today the onlymethod of negating government-imposed land use restrictions is shoot,shovel, and shut up.
If environmentalists had their way, the earth’s human population would bereduced by approximately 90%, with the remainder to (be forced) to livein cities, in soviet-style high rise apartments, utilizing bicycles,buses and trains for transportation. The use of automobiles and access topristine wilderness (rural) areas would be off-limits to us mere mortals,and would only be available for these anointed environmentalists.
The endangered species act is another abuse of environmentalism. Speciesare always changing, to adapt to their environments-survival if thefittest. In fact, the hoopla over the spotted owl (that placed muchnorthwest timber land off-limits to logging) turned out to be nothing butscientific misconduct and arrogance. There are virtually identicalspecies in other parts of the northwest.
More scientific malpractice occurred when government biologists attemptedto plant lynx fur in certain areas to provide an excuse for making thoseareas off-limits for logging or development. Fortunately, thesescientists were caught, however, no punishment was imposed.
In order to promote the false religion of “global warming” aka “climatechange”, NASA “scientists” purposely installed temperature sensors incity parking lots and roads contrary to good scientific principles andpractices in order to “skew” the “global warming” results.
In a nutshell, today’s environmentalism IS communism likewatermelon-green on the outside and red (communist) on the inside.
It is interesting to note that communist and third-world countries havethe WORST environmental conditions on the planet. Instead of the USA andother developed countries spending billions to get rid of that lasthalf-percent of pollution, it would behoove the communist countries toimprove their conditions first. Here is a question for youenvironmentalists: Why is there a push for restrictive environmentalregulations, but only on the developed first-world countries, and not thegross polluters such as India and China?    
Sophie Johnson says: Thank you, Dr Baggins! I wish there were at least half the number ofreplicas of you as there are vicious journalists and politicians pushingthe global warming message. And it is not even just a message they arepushing. These servants of mega-criminals have an agenda. Just observewhat has been happening in London: ‘Eco warriors’, i.e., dimwits by theseveral thousands who cavorted around in central London (‘dancing’, theycall it), and brought the city to a standstill, were treated by police asloveable little angels. Who told the police to behave that way? What isthere to love about cretins who jetted in (and thus brought off a majorfeat of earth pollution!) to browbeat us about our greenhouse-gassinglifestyles? And who paid them to perform their outsized circus act?Causers of much smaller nuisance than these fools ­ say, for instance, afew hundred Friends of Palestine protesting the latest atrocities Israelis inflicting upon the people of Gaza ­ would have been given no quarterby the police if they had stepped out of line in any way. Indeed, many ofsuch a crowd of protesters would probably have been tragged off to prisonand prosecuted for ‘hate crimes’. Soros comes to mind quite naturally. What does he, and what do his ilk,want to achieve with their false climate-change prophecies? It iscertainly Soros et al. who are financing the huge crowd of you cretins’jetting about the world to carry the message of our imminent demise inenormous numbers. What is the objective of Soros et al.? That is thegreat threat we are facing.

Karlfried says: The climate is very important. …..We should use energy, we shouldnot waste energy. ….. Nonetheless, we, the white folks, have a number oftasks to do. ….. One thing is to use technological and sociologicalmeasurements to avoid excessive energy waste. ….. That is important, itis a task that needs much money, and much knowledge, both in thescientifical and in the sociological field, but it can be done. …. InGermany we are in the midst of that process…..We change our energy basisto different sources (and have done so since many decades)….The musttrustful and cheap deliverers can sell us our needed important energy:formerly oil from Saudi Arabia, later oil and gas from Great Britain,Norway, Russia, USA …. Also we save energy in the housing area and wemake our own wind electricity and biomass electricity. ….. We call it anenergy-mix. ….. It is expensive, but the largest part of the machines andmaterials for that purpose are made in Germany, in our country itself.….. So , if you see the whole picture, it costs us nothing than somework. …… It keeps our industry and researchers busy and it will lead ourcountry into the future……It is a try and error game: We test and try manythings and ways, some are good, some are bad. ….. So step by step, thesethings are being done.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Climatechange maybe a danger or may even be an advantage (better yields in manyareas of the world). …… Nonethelesse, climate change is not the onlything that we Germans have to think about. ….. Our largest problem inGermany, our problem number one: is the very high and still growingnumber of ….nonwhite.. noneuropean.. nonchristian (and/ornon-wotan-believers….Wotan is the old god of the Germans)…..personscoming into our country, staying here and increasing their number both bybabies and new such incomers. ….. It is an invasion that will kill uswithin few decades (within ten to twenty years). In theory that can behandeled easily: If 51% of the Germans will elect a political party thatsays: "Until here and no further. Go out of our country". Thanwithin months the problem will be solved. In our neighbour-countries suchparties have 20 to 30% of the votes and they might have more in the nextelections.

DenisRancourt says:Love the article. Please, you must read my highly related reportpublished this month:“Geo-Economics and Geo-Politics Drive Successive Eras of PredatoryGlobalization and Social Engineering: Historical emergence of climatechange, gender equity, and anti-racism as State doctrines”, by Denis G.Rancourt, Ontario Civil Liberties Association, OCLA Report 2019-1, April2019. Denis Rancourt, PhD Researcher, Ontario Civil Liberties Association(

Eric says: 1. Baggins article is salient – compelling. 2. Denis Rancourt, yourexcellent report makes compelling reading & I highly recommend it toany readers with a mind to comprehend & the heart to understand thetrue controlling interests that are seeking final domination of theworlds assets, including people as just another commodity to beexploited. A perfect update on the book “Report from Iron Mountain”(1966) – same philosophy & policy implementation to promote thecurrent root of all evil agenda. Many thanks

TJ says: That book could have been called Report from Steal Mountain.

Peter Baggins says: Dear Dr. Rancourt, I greatly enjoyed readingPart 2 of your report and I agree that current social justice warriorsare best viewed as members of a new activist religion. In Part 2 of myessay you will see how I explain the enduring quality of their “faith” inwithstanding the repeated failures of their prophecies. Beginning withthe succinct insight of Camus, writing in 1956: “Pour qui est seul, sansdieu et sans maître, le poids des jours est terrible. Il faut donc sechoisir un maître, Dieu n’étant plus à la mode. “, you arrive at theconclusion that global warming has become one of the canons of a powerfulstate-religion – the others being gender equity and racial socialjustice. I can’t think of a trio of topics that have become morepolitically infested and deranged than these three. Let me share with theTOO audience one of your conclusions which I also endorse. These three“state doctrines followed a similar path … The government, scientific,academic, education, NGO, and media sectors embraced and promoted the newparadigms of global concern …There could never be enough climate changeprevention, gender equity, or racial social justice; and all problems andrisks were due to deficits in climate change prevention, gender equity,and racial social justice.”I wish you well in continuing your important work, which often must feellike “sweeping back the sea with a push broom”.

Denis Rancourt says: Eric, and Dr. Baggins, Thank you both very much for reading andrecommending my report. I’m finding it almost impossible to get popularintellectuals to look at it! Dr. Baggins, I’m loving your multi-partseries. My many contributions to Climate “denial”, both scientific andpolitical, are listed here, on my blog that Facebook blocked as “spam”: Many of my social theory articles are here: Cheers, DR

Peter Baggins, Ph.D. says: Dear Dr. Rancourt, I greatly enjoyed reading Part 2 of your report and Iagree that current social justice warriors are best viewed as members ofa new activist religion. In Part 2 of my essay I explain the enduringquality of the “faith” these true believers have in withstanding therepeated failures of their prophecies. Beginning with the succinctinsight of Camus, writing in 1956: “Pour qui est seul, sans dieu et sansmaître, le poids des jours est terrible. Il faut donc se choisir unmaître, Dieu n’étant plus à la mode. “, you arrive at the conclusion thatglobal warming has become one of the canons of a powerful state-religion– the others being gender equity and racial social justice. Absolutely! Ican’t think of a trio of topics that have become more politicallyinfested and deranged than these three. Let me share with the TOOaudience one of your conclusions which I also endorse. These three “statedoctrines followed a similar path … The government, scientific, academic,education, NGO, and media sectors embraced and promoted the new paradigmsof global concern …There could never be enough climate change prevention,gender equity, or racial social justice; and all problems and risks weredue to deficits in climate change prevention, gender equity, and racialsocial justice.” My best wishes in continuing your importantwork.

Barkingmad says: “Our increased wealth and technological capacity to respond to naturaldisasters has greatly reduced our collective human climatevulnerability.” “The good news is that the impact that this greening hashad in reducing hunger and starvation around the globe is undiminished,despite going unreported. When is the last time you heard a report ofmassive human starvation of hundreds of millions, or even tens ofmilions. How about 1 million … do I hear a hundred thousand, anyone?Anyone?” The earth is overpopulated. At some point technology will ceaseto work as you describe. Since when is mass starvation the only issue?Why are you making it look that way? There is nothing desirable about 100billion people living cheek by jowl in 8 X 10 foot rooms in 30-storyapartment buildings stretched as far as the eye can see, subsisting onlab-produced pellets synthesized from god-knows-what.* It has nothing todo with whether or not people area sucked into buying the climate changestory. No wild spaces, no old forests, no wild animals left, no room tobreathe and enjoy Creation. Just the beloved Human Species, social chaos,and lots of government offices making sure you all behave. More isbetter? Well, is it? Hint: those billions of people living like ants inant hills won’t be White folks. Why are white people moving from innercities to suburbs to exurbs to outright rural areas? And the few who can,run away to the hills and mountains. *Soylent Green, anyone? “The name of the product itself is a portmanteauof soy and lentil, which is what it’s made of in the book. Soylent Greenis introduced as being made of plankton, but as the film unfolds, themain character discovers that it’s manufactured from deadbodies.”

m___ says: Barkingmad says: “Our increased wealth a… ” Indeed, the whole issue is politicized, butreal. First in assessment: toxicity, waste, pollution, what we callderivatives of what must go for progress. Battery chicken humanity, palmoil and corn syrup obesity, media junk, political junk. Imagine the costof having an overpopulated globe in herding that blob of consumers toenrich (in the relative sense only), a tiny elite. Power play on a pileof dung. There is no such thing as quality of desire, long term goals,and as the second tier intellects here are whispered at: carry on as wego, our issue, is the only issue. Keep on the track! It is a scriptedworld we live in, and the script is made up as we go. Are there no realissues then, certainly, the dynamics of human populations, migrations,their absolute numbers are truly catastrophic. On the sole base of noquestion asked of why engineer a sophisticated global system to havehumans with no added value in holding pens. Ridiculous article, not bypointing to the “hoax” of climate change, it’s political and mediaexploitation, but by lacking the suggestion as to where the interferablecores of the human long term future are located. The author is starkblind, or he is one more bread writer, selling dog food by the scoop.When one takes away the context of the problem, indeed the problemdisappears. Oh my, one crackpot for another, anyhow, the “public”, the“reader” asks for more. Educating the masses requires some-one closeenough to master the language of Joe.

TJ says: This population increase is not from nature. Someone one wants it. Asymptom of Keynesian pseudo-economics, unlimited paper money, Statism,jews, and so on. I did some analysis not too long ago- correlating therise in the funny money with the population rise, especially the negropopulation. R=1.00. . . It seems we are all “nigger rich” as thathorrible expression puts it. Picture: American “money” has the same metaphysical status as Zimbabwe“money”- economic nihilism.

m___ says: Wrote yours truly, a reply in which we approve and consent as to thematter of taking things out of focus by the author. The page editor(s)censored the comment,

John McArthur says: The suicide of the West in another sphere. Does it deserve tosurvive? says: That last graph is the real clincher! Good article.

Muriel Kinsella says: How are governments across the globe pushing this narrative? I first gotinvolved in the subject when I stumbled across Judith Curry’s work. Itwas an eye opener

Peter Baggins, Ph.D. says: Hi Muriel, If you are reading Judith Curry, you are clearly on the righttrack. Governments, the UN, the Academy and all of the mainstream mediaare pushing this narrative. Peter Baggins Early runs of somenext-generation climate models to be included in the next United Nationsreport predict way more warming than their predecessors. “These newclimate model runs are basically gifts to skeptics, since they clearlyreduce the credibility of the climate models for attributions of recentwarming and also for 21st century projections,” climate scientist JudithCurry told The Daily Caller News Foundation. So far, at least eight ofthe 15 models have extremely high estimates of climate sensitivity.Climate sensitivity refers to the long-term warming from a doubling ofcarbon dioxide concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere. The latest E3SMruns peg climate sensitivity at 5.3 degrees Celsius. That’s well outsidethe range of what the IPCC considers to be likely ­ which is somewherebetween 1.5 and 4.5 degrees Celsius.

Floda says: February 6, 1851 – Black Thursday In Australia The Melbourne ArgusPROBABLY one of the most terrible days of which there is any record inAustralian annals was Thursday, the 6th of February, 1851, commonly knownas Black Thursday. But a small proportion of our present colonists haveany recollection of that day, as our total population then only amountedto about 70,000 souls, against the 350,000 of to-day. But such of theirnumber as have access to files of the newspaper published at the time,would do well to turn them over, and, as a warning for the future, glanceat the narrative of the disasters of that dreadful day. We find itrecorded that as early as seven or eight o’clock in the morning, thethermometer stood at 117° in the shade. At mid-day it sank to 109°, butin the afternoon it rose again, and at four o’clock was 113°. Monday lastwas about the hottest day of the present season ; yet the thermometer didnot stand above 95° in the shade. Our readers who felt inconvenienced bythe increase of heat between that and the usual 70° or 75° will have somedifficulty in imagining the sensations produced by a still further riseof 20°. The intense heat of Black Thursday was not it’s only peculiarity.From early morning it was accompanied by a hot wind, almost of thestrength of a hurricane, and throughout the day the surface of thecountry was exposed to the full power of it’s withering influence.Bush-fires raged across hundreds of miles of country, sweeping along withalmost the rapidity of lightning, and destroying, nearly instantaneously,men, women, and children, crops and homesteads, fences and gardens, andvast quantities of cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and fowls. From the wholeland arose a cry of utter desolation.

Charlie says: This narrative is FALSE because it DOES NOT address Human Overpopulation.It’s another scam 1. It’s total program is to make the negro destroyedinner cities “seem” cool to the dumb downed White snowflakes. 2. Itdemands all working class people flood back in to the ruined cities sothat the elite can have their “natural” playgrounds restored for them tofreely wander without the unwashed masses. This is so the elite can sportshoot wildlife with their pop guns from helicopters. 3. It demandsbarriers and insulation for the elite from the unwashed masses locked into the ruined, violent, negro destroyed cities where the unwashed will berape fodder for the savage brown races.milan says: “No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climatechange,” said Obama. Sorry but for the initiated the threat, the realthreat was and always will be sin that is the pollution of the humanheart and character of mankind as defined by the biblical record. period!As for climate change one should read Gerry Fox’s book on the subjectClimate Change the Work of God. In that unbelievable book one will findout very quickly that the bible has an enormous amount to teach on thesubject. And the proofs WOW just wow. Carl Sagan’s view thatextraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs is well spelled out inFox’s book. and here for your reading pleasure just a small taste: “WhenI shoot at you with my deadly and destructive arrows of famine, I willshoot to destroy you. I will bring more and more famine upon you and cutoff your supply of food. I will send famine and wild beasts against you,and they will leave you childless. Plague and bloodshed will sweepthrough you, and I will bring the sword against you. I the Lord havespoken.” (Ezekiel 5:16) “I also withheld rain from you when the harvestwas still three months away. I sent rain on one town, but withheld itfrom another. One field had rain; another had none and dried up. Peoplestaggered from town to town for water but did not get enough to drink,yet you have not returned to me,” declares the Lord. “Many times I struckyour gardens and vineyards, destroying them with blight and mildew.Locusts devoured your fig and olive trees, yet you have not returned tome,” declares the Lord. “I sent plagues among you as I did to Egypt. Ikilled your young men with the sword, along with your captured horses. Ifilled your nostrils with the stench of your camps, yet you have notreturned to me,” declares the Lord. “I overthrew some of you as Ioverthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. You were like a burning stick snatched fromthe fire, yet you have not returned to me,” declares the Lord. (Amos4:7–11) The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, if a country sinsagainst me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it tocut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its people andtheir animals, even if these three men­Noah, Daniel and Job­were in it,they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares theSovereign Lord.” (Ezekiel 14:12–14) Rain will come in torrents, and Iwill send hailstones hurtling down, and violent winds will burst forth.When the wall collapses, will people not ask you, “Where is the whitewashyou covered it with?” “Therefore, this is what the Sovereign Lord says:In my wrath I will unleash a violent wind, and in my anger hailstones andtorrents of rain will fall with destructive fury. (Ezekiel 13:11–13) TheLord will cause people to hear his majestic voice and will make them seehis arm coming down with raging anger and consuming fire, withcloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.” (Isaiah 30:30)RoyAlbrecht says: In Hamilton Ontario, the Jew-Limey-Masonic infested Spiritual Hell Holeinto which I was born, circa the turn of the millennium, Earth Day wasorganized by a hyper-Crypto-Zionist, Canadian Polish-Jew, inphilanthropic garb. (Name is irrelevant, but can be provided uponrequest) This particular Jew, who also operated a private recyclingbusiness as his main source of income had been an acquaintance of minesince middle school. He lived only a few blocks from me on the other sideof the local synagogue, so to say that, “I knew him well”, would be anunderstatement. At one point, during the most destructive yet coordinatedphase of my then (((attempting to be destroyed))) life, I was actuallymaneuvered into exchanging a space in his warehouse for providingall-round trouble shooting services. While there, I was busy scavengingthrough his skids of outdated desk top computers, monitors, printers,routers and other PC paraphernalia…, that he was paid to pick up oncontract from the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board…, and rebuildthem into usable internet surfing systems while studying computer-repairand programming basics through a correspondence school in the USA. Afterrepairing, maxing-out and reselling “total functioning packages”, theremains were sent to a PC recycling plant owned by yet another Jew wherethe gold and other precious metals were extracted, before heading to yetthe last Jew in the scrap metals recycling chain-of-disposal process. (Incase it has not dawned upon the reader by now, almost the entire wastedisposal industry throughout the West is largely oligopolized by Jews) Weworked almost next to each other for over two years separated only by avery thin wall with a very large opening. I mention this only todemonstrate that not only did I know the man in charge ofEarth-Day-Hamilton personally, (Pop. 1/2 a million people) but I wasprivy to many aspects of ALL his various…, (mis-)dealings. From what Igathered, Earth Day is above and beyond the aforementioned aspects inboth comments and the essay itself, YET ANOTHER of the assorted means ofkeeping the masses preoccupied with trivialities so as to prevent themhaving the time or inclination to notice the 800 lbs. Jew-Satanic-Gorillaat the Helm (no offense to any real gorillas intended). Earth Day isparticularly effective in this regard. It destroys traditional Aryanculture in that it offers points of“in-harmonious-(cognaitive)-dissonance”…, (not to be confused with“harmonic resonance” in something like, “Ave Maria”) of “..Multi-fariousMisfits…” of every Jew Orchestrated, Anti-Kultura Movement imaginable. Ithas an especially pointed appeal towards children. An intellectualkaleidoscope of sensory distraction and mind warping propaganda wrappedin the garb of all-consuming, everlasting virtue. A masterpiece ofSatanic intent by any measure of the Aryan Nationalist imagination. Afterall, what aspect of existence does not in some way involve “…waste…” ? Ifone can (((oligopolize))) the concept of and means of waste’s(((“…virtuous disposal…”))), combine it with (((SJW-supporters))) ofevery stripe imaginable, and wrap it in a Colourful and Harmoniouspackage of Diversity, Tolerance and Hatred of Racist, Anti-SemiticNazïsm, by the end of primary school if your children are not openlyrebelling against you, you have done something correctly. Earth day is akind of children’s training ground in preparation for a smooth transitioninto mega-fecal-festivals like Woodstock, Glastonbury andRoskilde.

Chalie says: CSI Leasing an example of the Joo dominated computer waste cycle. Lease(not sell) the goyish computers then take back the worn out junk andresell it through their subsidiary EPC (Executive Personal Computers) andthen dismantle and recycle what can be resold for the metals and then paya goyish hillbilly under the table to dump the remainder in a waterwaysomewhere so as to destroy the evidence and connection to thejoo.

Jim C says: Nice piece. Typo here in your second-to-last paragraph, though I think:“… A more rational analysis would examine the average number of deathsper decade from 1920-1917.”1920 – 2017, surely?Reply 

anarchyst says: 

If environmentalism restricted itself to truly caring for our naturalresources, I would have no problem with it. However, with the secretscience and questionable funding that these environmental groups possesstaints the whole barrel. It turns out that many claims thatenvironmentalists make have no basis in fact and are not based on good,honest, scientific investigation. This is why environmental scientistshave to hide their data, as it does not fit their agenda. A good exampleof this is the so-called global warming crap, now renamed climate change.For one, the climate is always changing. The East Anglia emails in whichdata was purposely falsified by climate scientists comes to mind. Notonly that, the climate scientists purposely installed temperaturemonitoring sensors in cities, contrary to manufacturers recommendationsand good scientific practices, in asphalt-covered parking lots, and otherheat sink areas in order to prove their (faulty) hypothesis. This isscientific dishonesty at its worst. It turns out that the solar system isin a cooling cycle due to decreased solar activity. There are twolong-term solar cycles that reinforce themselves when in phase and cancelthemselves out when out-of-phase. Look up the Maunder minimum. There areno SUVs on Mars or other planets, yet they are also experiencing the samesolar variability. Environmentalism has been the method used to imposecommunist principles on western society, especially in the USA.Environmentalists are not content with promoting clean water, air andland, but are hell-bent on controlling human behavior, and yes, promotingextermination plans for much of humanity as these anointed types considermankind to be a pestilence (except for themselves) to be reduced inpopulation by any means necessary. Environmentalists HATE the God-givenconcept of private property and have imposed government-backed andenforced land use controls on private property owners withoutcompensation, clearly an unconstitutional taking of private property. Ifenvironmentalists want to control land use, let them purchase itthemselves, not by government force. Today the only method of negatinggovernment-imposed land use restrictions is shoot, shovel, and shut up.If environmentalists had their way, the earth’s human population would bereduced by approximately 90%, with the remainder to (be forced) to livein cities, in soviet-style high rise apartments, utilizing bicycles,buses and trains for transportation. The use of automobiles and access topristine wilderness (rural) areas would be off-limits to us mere mortals,and would only be available for these anointed environmentalists. Theendangered species act is another abuse of environmentalism. Species arealways changing, to adapt to their environments-survival if the fittest.In fact, the hoopla over the spotted owl (that placed much northwesttimber land off-limits to logging) turned out to be nothing butscientific misconduct and arrogance. There are virtually identicalspecies in other parts of the northwest. More scientific malpracticeoccurred when government biologists attempted to plant lynx fur incertain areas to provide an excuse for making those areas off-limits forlogging or development. Fortunately, these scientists were caught,however, no punishment was imposed. In order to promote the falsereligion of “global warming” aka “climate change”, NASA “scientists”purposely installed temperature sensors in city parking lots and roadscontrary to good scientific principles and practices in order to “skew”the “global warming” results. In a nutshell, today’s environmentalism IScommunism like watermelon-green on the outside and red (communist) on theinside. It is interesting to note that communist and third-worldcountries have the WORST environmental conditions on the planet. Insteadof the USA and other developed countries spending billions to get rid ofthat last half-percent of pollution, it would behoove the communistcountries to improve their conditions first. Here is a question for youenvironmentalists: Why is there a push for restrictive environmentalregulations, but only on the developed first-world countries, and not thegross polluters such as India and China?

andy says: Great article! Thank you.. Just a note to let you know there’s a typo inlast paragraph, “ratrio ..” instead of “ratio of contradiction..”.Cheers, Andy [don’t worry about putting this post up as such.. HappyEaster!]

alan says: Dr. Baggins is very generous in granting and allowing ‘the left’ thebenevolence of ‘ignorance’, malleability and being easily persuaded toembrace stupidity. I am not as gracious with the left as Dr. Baggins. Ido grant and accept the notion that their irrational stupidity is an easytarget, but these people and their owners have always associated ‘panic’with a source of easy income. Let’s face it; stealing beats working. Thenow famous quote from parasite Rahm Emanuel is their ‘sacred creed’.“Never let a crisis pass before extracting the maximum amount of profit”.That is my paraphrase, but you get the gist. Gore was a master at this.Bush (W) was too stupid to be anything other than ‘bush’, but theClintons, the Gores, the McCains and McConnells and Obamas of thisvulnerable experiment we call a ‘constitutional republic’, and all of thehandlers of the ilk mentioned above and their progeny and predecessors,have only one agenda; global control of everything that ensures theposition of money control, and power distribution. They have no otheragenda. Their agenda is their only ‘god’. And the ‘corporate leadership’of this agenda is none other than the parasite money cabal, owned andoperated by the zio-rothschild entity, solidly encamped in City of Londonand Washington DC, and in New York, that wonderful place that the Jewshappily refer to as ‘New Jerusalem’. We must stop coddling these cancersin our midst, and begin to expose them for what they are, and apply theonly effective remedy for this corrosive disease. Excise the tumors, andthrow them out!

TJ says: Levy the ultimate excise tax! On Dr. & Mrs. Levy!

Deep North says: Environmentalist are worried over a small increase global temperatures.They wish to drastically alter our way of life to prevent this. Whathappens if global temperatures cool? Will they want humanity to increasethe amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere? This amounts toregulating the climate over several decades if not centuries. Are we tobelieve this is possible? These are very abstract concepts that generalpublic could care less for. The elites should be focusing on overfishing,plastics in the ocean, deforestation and the ever increasing suburbansprawl among other things. The Third World needs to understand thatnatural resources aren’t unlimited and should check their populationgrowth.

Charles Frey says: Decades ago, some of us conspiracy freaks found out about the US Army [weaponizing ] Weather Modification Program in Alaska. A subsequent,televised investigative one hour piece by the Canadian BroadcastingCorporation metamorphosed us freaks into the omniscient. Google PROJECTHARP. Luckily, the funding public and US enemies du jour have been ‘reliably ‘ informed, by the ever transparent Pentagon [ 9/11 CFO; Rabbi –son of Rabbi, Dove Zakheim ] that this Project was cancelled. Or, farmore likely, transferred to the DOD’s DARPA under Steven H. Walker and ashiny new deodorized acronym. All of its ‘ accomplishments ‘ will havebeen passed, gratis, to Israeli Intelligence Collection and beenincorporated into its Policy, before Washington even files it. As soon asa method for a localized drought in Iran, Syria, Turkey, Russia or eventhe EU, can be induced. Far more effective than blocking all oil salesand US rationalized confiscation/unmitigated theft of billions in goldfrom accounts unwisely deposited in GB, that other sharer of our [?]trumpeted common Western Values. Keeping the essential, raison d’étatmultiply-profitable caldron of ISIS topped up and bubbling – its fire,coincidentally fueled by Christians.

Trenchant says: Solar activity is the main driver of climate. CO2 is a red herring.

Rudy says: Are there any independent direct measurements that the energy output ofthe sun is decreasing, not sun spots? This could be done with a satelliteorbiting above the atmosphere or around the sun. Not to myknowledge.

Trenchant says: As I understand it, solar activity affects cloud formation and this, inturn, terrestrial climate. Check out “The Cloud Mystery” on YouTube.

Robert Dolan says: Sadly, the environmental movement has become nothing more than high leveljewing. I used to be an environmentalist and I used to give to all thegroups. I finally discovered that the entire movement is connected toglobalism, the UN, Agenda 21, etc. Major jewing. I gave to the SierraClub for many years until a jewish donor convinced them to sellout onimmigration. The bastards sent me an email asking me to march with themto give amnesty for illegals. I called their office and screamed at themand told them to go to hell. I was furious and wounded by that betrayal.I no longer give to any environmental orgs.

TJ says: I used to be an environmentalist- now I love smog. It was David Gelbaumwho gave the Sierra Club [Carl Pope] One Hundred Million Jewish FederalReserve Notes, in exchange for the Club not mentioningimmigration.

TJ says: Before the Pope was bought off, the Sierra Club held the [correct]position that mexicans [mestizos, not Whites] are a form ofpollution.

milan says: A military base? Baseball sized hailstones damage cars at Fort Carson in light of such a sentence shouldn’t we be saying hmmmmm with aquestion mark? “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen thestorehouses of the hail, which I reserve for times of trouble, for daysof war and battle? Job 38:22 Further to this go here[]

Gunter says: When environmentalists and the UN start talking about HARP and militaryprograms I’ll be interested, in the mean time they are bought and paidfor by globalists who want us to get accustomed to drastically shrinkingliving standards – eat insects, ride bicycles, etc – that they’replanning for us as money goes up in smoke. All the while they’ll offer atyrannical global government as a saviour. Israel positions itself as theglobal middleman in energy and operates a mafia blackmail racket withkill switch diplomacy on western politicians.

Trenchant says: 
Add to the mix light-rail and forest fires.

 The Fight AgainstMonsanto's Roundup: The Politics of Pesticides (SkyHorse, 2019),authored by Mitchel Cohen, is now available at bookstores everywhere!Please click on link to learn more.  __._,_.___     Posted by: Mitchel Cohen <[log in to unmask]>     
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