Our network consists of the same physicians both vascular and radiology.  Thanks to the digital age, they can read from anywhere without needing to be on site.  We have no vascular docs that can read and of the few pediatric radiologists we have, they do not want to touch it with a 10ft pole.

:-\ would be nice if we could ship it to another location though!!


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I worked for a company that had multiple vascular labs at multiple locations.  Not all of our locations had qualified vascular interpreting physicians on location.  In those cases we would send the studies by courier or FedX to our nearest interpreting physicians.  There were occasional logistical issues, but this worked well. Perhaps something like that could work for you?

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Hi guys,
I am looking for some direction, thoughts, or out of the box ideas from the experts.

Our vascular surgeons liability does not allow them to read/treat anyone under 16yrs of age. We are getting multiple patients a month needing vascular testing and need to send them to another local hospital out of our network.  All of our vascular studies are read by Vascular surgeons currently and our Pediatric Radiology doctors do not feel comfortable reading vascular so we are left sinking in the water.

How does everyone else handle pediatric vascular studies?

Andrew M. Bachman, Bs RVT
Technical Director / Vascular Lab Clinical Specialist

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