Hi All,

I am really feeling like an old timer these days.

Does anyone else see the proliferation of Vein Centers a problem. I don't mind for profit situations but it's getting ridiculous in some areas. There are so many places offering vein testing in office and then treating. Mind you, many of these places do the minimum to qualify for insurance and don't look for additional problems such as may-thurner or pelvic congestion. I know most of these are straight forward basic varicose veins but it can be more than that. Are these places taking business away from the vascular lab and vascular surgeons?

I will also bring up a possible reason for payments to be continuously cut. When the vein centers can afford hiring marketers and a tech to go to community events to find clients for these procedures then eventually the payments will be cut. Obviously there is enough revenue generated to go looking for people covered by insurance and it must eventually raise questions by the insurers. Any thoughts on this?

back in the States and wondering if I want to stay in the field..................................
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