Come to the western most door of building and yell the password for entry*.

*The password is TOSTONES 

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The pizzas are ordered. You should definitely still come even if you didn’t RSVP! I can read minds and I can tell you meant to RSVP so it’s all good.

It looks like there’s going to be water falling from the sky tho. So feel free to come on over to 87 Hildred Dr instead of the pool area. If you refer back to the tactical map, you’ll see that Google kindly marked it for me with a blue house icon. Thanks Google! Any way, like I mentioned there’ll be beverages plus a surprise 🇵🇷  snack!

See u soon!


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Reminder to RSVP if you wanna! If you have any questions / suggestions my DMs are always open.

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And by ``party’’ I mean text editor debates. Come on down to the pool on Hildred drive (see highly tactical map) this Thursday at 5pm (or whenever you’re done working). There’ll be pizza and some other snacks/treats. Bring friends if you want! Swimming may or may not happen depending on temperature. Best bring a towel. 

The current forecast says it’s supposed to rain that evening, but the forecast has been wrong for the past 7 days, so I’m gonna risk it and plan for this time anyway. If the rain ends up being a problem I’ll move the function to the inside of my home.

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Pic from the Season opener last September:
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