Came across the references from the initial studies from U of W on LEA duplex who were the first to define the 2:1 velocity ratio. Later again validated by Cossman and others. 


*	Jager, et al 1985 - derived spectral waveform criteria for disease classification for aortoiliac and femoropopliteal segments.    
*	Kohler, et al 1987 - prospective study validating spectral classification schema   


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I reference that paper as well Ann Marie.  Jeannie Ellison worked on this many years ago and it was validated with angiography. We have used both the ratio and absolute peak systolic velocity with good success. Jager, from U of W was first to validate the 2:1 for a greater than 50% a couple years prior as I remember. These have stood the test of time in my estimation.  




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Hi Kim,


I use the criteria from this article by Cossman, et al.  It is old but the criteria works well.  Many labs I know use this criteria.  It has both ratios and PSV values.  The PSV criteria would be help in the situations you mention.


Ann Marie


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What arterial duplex criteria are you guys using? The one I'm using now utilizes velocity ratios, but I have found this difficult to use for EIA and proximal SFA/Profunda strictures. 


Thank you in advance!! 🙂



Kim Weaver, BS,RDMS,RVT


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